Mogu Rune of Fate – Lesser Charm Change

We’re deploying a hotfix late tonight that will reduce the number of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune required to purchase 3 Mogu Runes of Fate from 90 down to 50. Meaning when you log in Wednesday and purchase your 3 Mogu Runes of Fate, which are used for 5.2 raid boss bonus rolls, it will only cost you 50 Lesser Charms.

We recommend waiting until after the scheduled Wednesday maintenance to ensure this change has gone through before purchasing your Runes.
Thank god.. You saved our lives! ;P
*does a flip*

Greatest change this expansion!
and you post that the day after i bought 3 runes? xD
Aweeeeesomeeeee!! Now that was a great start of the WoW day for me and several guildies!
oh wow.... such an awesome change - and what am i gonna do with the rest of my 1000 lesser charms? Can't see the point of lowering the amount needed... 90 can already be obtained within 2 days of casual gaming!
And what if you, like me, HATE dailies, but only do them for the Runes for raids. Then its an awesome change.
2 Days of casual gameplay, sure. If you like/do log in everyday and do your dailies.
come on, i'm either not a big fan of dailies but even the golden lotus dailies (14 or so?!) can be done in about 15 to 20mins... so no big deal of hating them - thats even a pretty strong word to use.
Glad I read that just in time. Yesterday came 4-5 lessers short for a turn in. Was to do them today. I'll wait with the turnin until tomorrow ;p
I don't really get the point but ok.
I have four level 90 characters. Getting 90 on one DPS character was fine, although the daily quests are getting a bit tiring and I'm also doing less PvP than I did during 5.1. On my healer alts, the choice for valor is between doing a 5 man dungeon or daily quests. Since dungeons don't award lesser charms, the choice has generally been to do daily quests as DPS. I think this change will free up some tanks and healers for 5-mans and LFR since they'll spend less time earning lesser charms.
I think it is a good change.

45 dailies is at least 4 hours. LFR is at least 4 hours, raiding if you have a team is probably another 6 to 9 hours. that's for 1 toon. Every further toon that you want to alt gear another 8 hours per week.

1 toon, 18 hours.
2 toons, 26 hours.

Starting to feel a bit like a job. On my alt I have to optimize for the non thunder dailies because my healer doesn't burn through the mobs like my dps toon does. I basically stop doing dailies on my alt because I couldn't pull the 90 runes. This might entice me to do it every other week.
And since Pet Battles also is a way to get lesser charms... the need for dailies is even less.
yay about time

oh wait i have 1400 lesser charms ....
I would love to be able to use them for other things too. I have more than 3k increasing daily.
It a great change, especially if you have 2 heaing specs, takes a lot longer to do daylies each week
Oh sweet, now i will probaly get them on alt too!
More tokens >:)
Excellent news!

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