Warrior Samurai Transmog help?

I was just wondering If anyone knew what the set in this image is called?


I'm trying to make my warrior look like a samurai however I haven't found the right set until I found this image. The only set I can find that looks like this is the Alabaster set however In the image the toon is completely covered in the armor where as with the 3d model of the Alabaster plate on WoWhead you can see skin and revealed areas on the shoulders??

Was just wondering If there was a (look-a-like) of this set that is what the toon in the image is wearing.
http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items=8312:8314:8315:8316:8317:8318:8319:8311#. There you go. It is the Alabaster set, but with a shirt on (Common Gray Shirt), which then covers the upper body parts. The shirt can be bought from any vendor that sells shirts in SW or whatever, costs like 50s if that.

And cheers for a new transmog idea. Have to see how that looks on a worgen...
I'm starting to freak myself out, as soon as I saw that image I instantly knew it was Alabaster o.o Maybe I've played too much wow? :$
Take a look at the Bogslayer set also, its a much better samurai looking transmog IMO.
Thanks for all the help guys, I figured it would be something simple :P and Yeah, I'm sure it would look pretty awesome on the worgen and even if it doesn't. It's still pretty cool to walk round in human form in ;).

Take a look at the Bogslayer set also, its a much better samurai looking transmog IMO.

Took a look at it, It's not something I was particularly looking for but I'm definitely going to try it out. Thanks for the suggestion ^^

oh and Leapin, is there such thing as "Played too much WoW"? ;)
i wanna set like the lvl100 WoD pvp paladin set
Before anyone Make a samurai like set, don't forget the name... Jack.
Isn't the pandaria lvl 90 crafted 450 pve tank set also pretty samurai-like look, the helm especially.

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