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Good morning girls and guys. Been a huge Facebook fan and also a huge wow player I have made a group on Facebook. We have over 1000 members forming groups for Raids, Dungeons, Guild recruitment and just general chat about anything. Everyone is welcome!

click the link and add your self.
the US twisting nether grp has 500+. We have a huge server to them so lets see if we can hit 1000.
Twisting Nether's most handsome approves this.
Twisting Nether's most handsome approves this.

It's true, I do.

Also I think Elledain does
It's true, I do.

OMG. Get out of my spotlight you pretender
Nice idea of having facebook grp!
welcome to the group oluna
I am a massive facebook fan so it has my vote
bump, everyone is welcome
68 members on the page now, everyone is welcome to join
close to 100 members now. The facebook community grows.
the facebook community is growing nice now and its very active, all welcome to join :)
Pending request =)
we have not hit the 100 mark, We are a very active facebook community for all to enjoy.
Re rolled alliance this realm last night...

Just requested a group invite by the name of Daniel Walker.

Hopefully get to know some of you all!
close to the 110 mark now.
dont be shy join in the fun.
nearly at the 120 mark now, The facebook page is very active and has over 50 to 60 active members daily. so come join in the fun
on the news this morning facebook caused famliy brake ups lol dont WoW do the same thing lol so a wow facebook page is a sure thing for a famliy brake up lol
Now past the 150 mark, and the community is very active. come and join in the fun.

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