Demo And Leishen Trinket.

Just like to say that i really think demonology is currently relying to heavily on this trinket to maximize dps.
Personally getting extremely fed up of more or less demo now being a 100% rng spec.
If you get no or very little procs of this trinket ure dmg is just nerfed beyond words. Ive had as little as 1 proc in an entire fight before. And when it procs at the precise wrong time or on something that is just about to die. It really ruins ure world and makes you hate your life seriously for a good 10 minutes. In my opinion that is just bad game design.
Its a very nice trinket in general. Just feel like for demo its currently ruling there entire gameplay.
I somewhat agree.

I wish they had turned it into a setbonus, let's say the T15 4-set. "Doom now has a 100% chance to crit, but costs 400 fury" or something like that. My dps can swing as much as 90k just because of bad RNG.

That being said, I _LOVE_ the trinket when it's being nice to me. :D
I imagine it's less annoying than the Legendary metagem whos procs get wasted while you're spamming Touch of Chaos, thus prompting you to drop Meta.
^ To continue on that, the worst thing that can happen is the meta procs while you've just entered meta and have 600 fury and no SF procs. Thinking "oh well I only had 600 fury anyway", you drop meta only to have the trinket proc for the first time midfight while you have 5s left of meta CD...
is it just me that finds playing with this trinket really stressful? I mean I have set up an addon to display a big countdown in the middle of my screen when the trink procs, but I still am constantly thinking that it could proc at anytime...Ofc I have a stop casting macro on my meta but bleugh, I find playing a lot less enjoyable with this trinket tbh
Well, I created 2 macros for this that I mash instantly whenever this trinket procs.

/cast Dark Soul
/cast Blood Fury
/use 10
/cast !Metamorphosis
/target boss1
/cast Corruption

Replace the "Boss1" with "Boss2" in the next macro, and you've found a foolproof way of doing it. :D
What Alarinth said in his first post is quite accurate. When the trinket does have a string of nice procs, its amazing and u can see this difference very clearly in ure WoL or recount etc etc.
Even when i get extremely unlucky with procs, i still manage to be very competitive within my raid group. However just the fact that this trinket rules how demonology plays at the moment is quite irritating to me. Just the sheer Rng of this thing makes me get extremely pissed and stressed when it doesnt proc for nearly 2 minutes into a fight. I know that there was supposed to be trinket safety net mechanics in so that it always procs at the start of the fight.

Unfortunately on many occasions i still wont get a proc for a very very long time into a fight which just makes me hate playing demonology atm. And tbh this trinket is propably the sole reason ill be rolling back affliction. Macros definately should be a must for anyone using this trinket. Last night i just got so fed up with this thing not proccing virtually at all so i was mad and make a post to hate on it :D.
Don't play Demo then, problem solved :P

*stupid demons grumble grumble*
Not the point. I actually really like demo overall propably my favourite warlock spec at the moment. Just dont like the rng factor.
Don't play Demo then, problem solved :P

*stupid demons grumble grumble*

It's not like they haven't made the same mistake with Demo, making it wholly reliant on a trinket to perform before now. At least during Firelands the Moonwell Chalice was easily obtainable, this on the other hand is not.

If you're having difficulty with RNG, you can use the Glyph of Everlasting Affliction to buy a lot more time before you need to refresh.
It's simmed out at 7.5% uptime for me, but I hardly find that to be the truth when it matters. That's roughly 30s uptime in a 5 minute fight, which is 7 procs or so. My luck is something like 0 procs on pull, then 2 procs that overwrite the first at 3 seconds, and another one coming in the end when I've given it up and left meta and invoked the CD. That trinket makes me wanna burn something.
Yeah, if you're using that trinket, once you're in Meta you shouldn't drop it until the cooldown expired in case it does proc.
I see someone tweeted ghostcrawler earlier about this, probably someone who has read or even posted in this thread!

be interested to see what he says
Hehe, yeah, that'd be me. :p I complained that my trinket affects my dps waaaay too much. On council, that trinket can take me from 200k to 300k dps, depending on if the trinket is in a good mood or not.

He did respond that he was skeptical to that it made such an impact as I claimed (120k), and while I admit I exaggerated, the reality isn't far from it (90k-100k).
I tend to agree that the trinket is annoying as f sometimes with its random procs, however i blame bliz for changing now the new trinkets proc. If it used the old model where it guaranteed to proc on the pull it be far more reliable.

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