Old Hillpaw

Hi, I want to become best friends with this guy so I can get the [item="straw hat" /], but I don't know how to become best friends with him. Any help?
There is a daily quest a "Dish for Old Hillpaw". Get 5x Braised Turtle and once u have it in your bag, a blue exclamation mark over his head will appear. This gives around 2000 rep., but it is a daily, not repeatable.

But the fastest way is to bring him gifts u find in Dark Soil which can be found all over the Valley. His favorite is "Blue Feather", which will give u cca 1000 rep with him; all other stuff like "Ruby Shard" or "Jade Cat" will do as well, but give only 500 rep. It is a grind, but if u focus really on one character from all those Tiller guys, u should be able to make in a day.

Anyway, if u want some more extensive reading, check this link on wowhead: http://www.wowhead.com/faction=1276#comments
Okies now Old Hillpaw's reputation can be farmed up pretty easily actually... just takes a bit of searching depending on your realm population! So around Pandaria you may have noticed these big dark patches for dirt called Dark Soil, these patches will give you different items such as a Blue Feather, a Jade Cat, and a Lovely Apple, among other things. Each item is preferred by two of the members of the tillers you can become best friends with, but any member will take any item. The item that Old Hillpaw likes is Blue Feather. Along with this you can do his http://www.wowhead.com/quest=30318 daily if it is ever among the Tiller dailies or you can cook up 5 Braised Turtle to get some reputation from him as well!


You can read up some more about him by yourself in case I missed anything or don't understand something I said.. or you can just reply here!

Edit: Ricardus has stolen my thunder of being helpful! :(
Normally the dark soil around the various Pandaria zones contains items that you can use to give him to increases his happiness I believes there's one that increase it more than others which is the blue feather but you can give him any of the items to save more time. I beleive he also enjoys receiving braised turtle.

Good luck!

edit: Gosh darn it beaten to it and been done in better detail...
go to heartland in valley of four winds, usually early morning or later at night and just fly around in circles covering the whole area, there are approx 15-20 dark soils on one pass.
hand them ALL in to hillpaw, some he likes better than others (blue feather gives 990 rep, others give 550 ish iirc)
these dark soils respawn every 30 mins approx, so you can farm quite a lot in one day.

to begin with, just fly slowly around looking for them, once youve done a lap or two you will be able to spot them a mile off.
(if you want, use an addon like gathermate to remember the spots where ones were famred before)

i farmed these and got every single tiller to exalted without really resorting to dailies.

alternate place to farm is around the temple of white tiger in kunlai, but theres not anywhere near as many as heartland

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