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I already had about 5500 vp towards my 6k required for the Test of Valor quest which I have been farming for weeks. I have logged in now to see that you have reset my valor to 0 and told me that i need to collect 3k valor all over again! What is going on I should have either had the quest auto-complete now that the requirement has been reduced to 3k or been able to keep my initial quest, now it means that in order to complete this quest I will have had to farm over 8500 valor points, this is not right please fix it asap as your plan to speed up progress on this quest has actually resulted in the reverse for myself and doubtless many other people too who were already over 50% towards achieving the original requirement.
same happened to me - but it dinged when I completed my first daily (thankfully XD)
yes same here now I just ran a scenario and it dinged too, phew!
Hey guys,
Editing my previous response, it seems there is a bug at the moment where the achievement isn't being granted when you login. If you complete a single quest that grants Valor you should get the achievement.
I have just completed all of the dailies at Halfhill and still no completion of the quest. I had around 4500 valor points on the achievment page before the patch. Is it any quest that we can complete or do I have to do a Isle of Thunder daily or even a scenario?
Hey Daktarri,
It should be any quest that awards Valor, you're saying you earned valor but still not been awarded the achievement?
That is correct. I have completed all of the Halfhill dailies and still have no achievement or quest completion.
Could you try complete a different daily for me or a scenario and see it it works.
I have now completed 6 more dailies. The first 6 in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms for the Golden Lotus. Still no completion of the quest or achievment. Help!
Fixed! I have been Valor capped for some time. Need to spend some Valor before completing a quest or other activity that give you a Valor reward to complete the quest and get the achievement.
It is absolutely not fixed for me. I had finished a test of valor on two alts at once (can remember thinking "oh great, now I need two groups for killing the high marshal...") I did some pvp on one of them for the next step, and after a test of valor got scaled down to 3k the alt I hadn't do any of the subsequent quests on was tracking as 0/3k VPs for a test of valor again.

I tried completing a daily quest and I am not VP capped. I have opened multiple tickets and been told that "there's no record of my ever having been on that quest." I asked the GMs to check when I completed the previous quest and the VP I have earned since that point. They said that the previous quest complete date is no longer in the logs, indicating I completed it more than 3 weeks prior. I pointed out that I've earned at least 8-10k VP since 5.2 (cannot remember how many I had when 5.2 dropped) BUT was told that it doesn't matter as I "never" was on the quest line.

I am so furious to be treated this way by blizzard. Even if that were true and I had stupidly forgotten to pick up the quest (Which I assure everyone I did not!) to be punished by adding another 3 week wait onto the previous 6-8 week VP check, is an abysmal way to treat paying customers.
Hey Charladuce,
If you're unhappy with how your issue was handled you should email CSFeedbackEU@blizzard.com, the issue will then be reviewed by the Senior Game Masters who will make sure everything was handled correctly.

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