Monk bug 5.3, Stance of the wise serpent

Whenever I teleport, the game activates the default, tiger stance and I have to manually switch back to healer stance every single time.

So far this happens after using hearthstone, entering instances or using teleports.

Is it one of my addons that has gone mad or does this happen to everyone? (I didn't have this issue yesterday).
Having same issue atm was unsure if was addon but if others having same issue must be bug
Same thing with ox stance. Please fix.
the same to me... when teleport/entering instance/exit instance/ always the stance is switched to Fierce Tiger... this is annoning ! FIX IT !
Try activating windwalker on your second spec and then switch back to Mistweaver
Happens even going through CRz zones, it's extremely annoying. :l
indeed , i have this problem , anytime i phase into a new zone , bg or dungeon
Having the same issue on my monk. Changes from sturdy ox to fiece tiger whenever I change zone/log in.

Also having a similar issue on my paladin, the mana resets from 100% to 20% whenever I change zone/log in.

Pretty irritating bug that doesn't seem to be affecting many players, hope it gets sorted soon!
Remove Glyph of Jab and it should no longer happen.
I think remove a glyph is not the solution. I don't try, but I think it's a really old problem and have to be hotfix by Blizz.
I like that glyph btw. :)
The glyph is the problem the same happens for Brewmaster monks who use it. It's an annoying bug but there is a work around for it. If you choose not to use it then you will have to deal with the problem until it is fixed.

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