Kor'kron mobs

Since the new patch I'm finding it pretty much impossible to put auctions up in Orgrimmar on my bank char because people are constantly pulling the Kor'kron motivators into the Auction house and having them one shot people. Just wondered if this is happening on other servers and if there is anything I can do about it other than switching to a different AH? I like a joke myself and maybe it might have been funny once, but being killed 5 times in the space of 2 minutes is kinda annoying. I hope there will be some kind of fix for this :(
24/05/2013 16:31Posted by Kalaa
switching to a different AH?

You know there is 3 AHs at Orgrimmar, right? Why wouldn't you switch, simply? I am not telling you to go to other city.
I know I could switch. I did switch. The point is it shouldn't be happening. I created the thread to find out if it is happening on other servers and in hopes that a blue might read it and something may be done about it. I don't like creating tickets unless I really really have to.

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