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Pet Battles
Most frustrating in-game time I've had, ever.
Eh thats not so bad weekly. I am 199/250 pvp pet battle wins towards the direhorn pet currently. Should get it tomorrow or day after that.
Only took 2 hours for me. Just good that they added pvp quests as well.
Just got it done in half an hour this morning. 10 Straight wins :>.
Odd thing is, I can't get it this week for some reason...
I got it just fine this week.
I finished this quest last week, now I am unable to get it again this week. Is this supposed to be a one-off quest or weekly? When exactly is the reset for it?
Oddly, I was able to do it again today, while it wasn't available yesterday (noticed it was available when I picked up my daily Fables). Does this quest reset on Tuesdays in Europe just like in the US for some reason, perhaps? Or was there a bug causing it to reset prematurely?
The quest indeed resets tuesdays. The GMs is aware of it causing confusion.
Still, what a !@#$ quest. I don't want to waste 2 hours of my life playing vs other players. I play this game in order to play with them, not against them. Too bad some developer decided you have to level each and every pet until infinity (fire him please, he sucks) so you HAVE to do this quest in order to get the stupid 50% extra XP pet food... you'd die in a coma if leveling would even go more slow.
All you seem to ever do is complain about everything, Asaki. If you don't like pet battles, then nobody is forcing you to do it. And if it really takes you 2 hours to do the quest, then you probably would be better off to do it, as the treat lasts 1 hour, so you could be using that 2 hours to level your pets instead, and gain more xp to them than by doing the daily for 2 hours to get 1 hour of +50% xp. Or you could also use one hour to do the beast of fable daily quests and get 3 +25% treats.
Are you crying because you are terrible at pet battles? 2 hours to win 10 games? Really?

l2p, quit crying, or both.

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