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Over the last 2 days iv had 6 lvl 25 pets turn in "Pet Cage" and its really getting on my nerves. Every time I try to learn the pet it displays "Internal Error" in red. I created a ticket and a GM responded with a paragraph more or less saying its my addons that's doing it and to delete my wtf, interface and cache folders... behold it did absolutely nothing!

Has anybody else got this problem? i really don't want to lose about 20k gold worth of pets.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this subject!
Seen the same thing starting from yesterday. Some pets I put on the AH that didn't sell came back as "pet cages".

It's not addons, since I am using zero (0, zero) addons. And even if I had, deleting the cache and wtf folders won't even help (yes, tried that)... that's just GM's being clueless about their product, as usual.

I have no idea how the problem would be fixed, however.. still see em as "pet cages" (didn't stop me from putting them back on the AH tho). :/
Seen a couple of these on ah, with levels such as 4716252, i thought it was just me but got a few friends to check and they saw the same thing but different level numbers.

I'm glad i'm not the only one that is seeing this.

Whats worse is now the number of "Pet Cages" I have has grown to 16 as when the AH time expired they came back as "pet cage". My only saving grace is that my XT, Lich and Darkmoon Rabbit didn't come back in a cage.

This has to be sorted out!

I will update this post on what the GM says to be as iv opened the ticket again...
GM reply after telling them I have already deleted the folders once

"This may be a problem with some out of date addons or game files.
You can reset them by deleting the CACHE, INTERFACE and WTF folders from your World of Warcraft Installation. You can install new addons again later if you like."

Same happen to me now.
And I dont think that it is related to addons.
I put on the auction house today pet..and after few hours..when auction still exist..instead of battlepet there is blue quality Pet cage ,even with incorect lvl..should be 25 and is lvl 3.

So Is a GM can somehow fix it?
Just updating this post for anybody who has the same problem I do.

I sent a 3rd ticket and the reply was as follows:


Thank you for your recent ticket! I am going to send you this offline response in regards to your issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by all of this and thank you for deleting the 3 folders. This issue is actually a known issue on our end and one that our Development team are investigating.

There is no fix for the moment, but rest assured our Development team will fix the problem as soon as possible."

Thats the GM response I got. So for those of you whos pets are turning into cages, rest assured it will be sorted eventually, you will just have to play the waiting game.

Edit: Posted on wrong character, I'm Jahaira
Thanks for info,Im waiting for a gm response as well so I put msg here when I got my answer.
ps..ALso wrong char on previous post Kurzojadek :)
Does this only happen if it goes on the AH first?

A friend and I were farming the second Leashes achievement, and we decided that since my friend had more of the pets that dropped, she would be the first to get the achieve. I have yet to trade over my pet so i want to try and avoid doing it until i know it won't glitch.
Not only "by ah"
I had few pets in bags and one become a blue quality pet cage.
Like Dudu/Kurzo said, it seems it can happen to any of your pets at any time. I had lots of pets caged in my bag at night. I logged off to get some sleep and when I logged on the next day about 6 of them had turned into "Pet Cage".

To take precautions I have learnt every single one of my pets that I was going to sell and I am not going to cage them until this bug is resolved, to be on the safe side id recommend doing the same.
Gm response to my ticked

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

I have investigated your issue and wanted to let you know that our development team are aware of this issue and we are working to resolve it as quick as we can. Fingers crossed this will be corrected in no time and you can get back to using your pets as normal.
Has this bug been fixed or is anybody else still getting it? Iv got loads of TCG pets to sell and I refuse to cage them until this bug is fixed!
Yesterday my pet turned into a petcage after my auction expired.
(Corefire imp this time)
This is a complete joke. This bug is making it an actual "risk" in selling your pets or even keeping them in your bag. Fix it!
Having the same issue. Two pet auctions expired and now I don't know which is which.
Thank you for contacting us.

I would first like to apologize for the amount of time it took for us to respond to your ticket. The release of the World of Warcraft 5.3 patch has increased the number of incoming tickets and they created quite a backlog. We are doing what we can to reduce the waiting times on tickets however, and thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.

I'm sorry to hear that some of your caged pets have been affected like this. The development team has confirmed this kind of behavior to be a bug that can happen if you place caged pets in guild bank or put them up for auction, and is in the process of preparing a fix. In the meantime, we may be able to assist with recovering the original pets, but in order to verify what they were we need the following information:

- The kind of pets that were originally caged
- And the approximate time and date that this problem started happening (for each individual cage)

Please note that we may not always be able to verify what kind of pet was caged, and in these cases we are unfortunately unable to provide a restoration. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for playing World of Warcraft, and I hope you enjoy your experience in all Blizzard products!

blizzard GM's are such a useless crowd, all they do is tell you how sorry they are that this happened, don't waste your time making tickets to talk to these fools.
blizzard GM's are such a useless crowd, all they do is tell you how sorry they are that this happened, don't waste your time making tickets to talk to these fools.

To be fair, what else did you want them to say?

I understand that this bug is extremely annoying, and I hope it will be fixed sooner rather than later - but what can a simple GM do about it...?
To be fair, what else did you want them to say?

Something helpful,like get my pets back, why else do GM's exist? is it really just to tell people how sorry they are to hear about bugs in game and offer you a shoulder to cry on.

I know you feel compelled to add your 2 cents to every thread in this forum, but what are you asking me?
can anyone in this game say that they are happy with the standard of GM's and how helpful they are, they are almost completely useless, tbh if you have a technical problem in wow your better off asking advice from a guild member rather then a GM.

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