Achievements based on counter unattainable since 5.3

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This was previously reported via a bug report and a ticket, but the gamemasters replied they are not aware of any issues, so I thought making a technical support thread would be a good idea.

It seems that since the last patch went live many achievements (based on counters or multi-part) are unattainable. This covers both solo achievements, as well as raid achievements. Some of the example ones are:

- Yak Attack
- Nerf Scrapbots
- Three Car Garage
- Supermassive
- In His House He Waits Dreaming
- Aberrant Behavior

Players I have been in raids with have reported more such achievements, so this is not only my observation. I have participated in regular Ulduar 25-man achievement runs via Openraid for the last couple of weeks (for non-meta achievements). I already got most of the achievements in Ulduar, and was there to help others, so I know the way those achievements should be done, and still they were not attained by others who needed them.

An example of Yak Attack is a good one. I went to Niuzao Temple in the proper phase to attain this achievement, as a tank on my druid, with a friend to heal me. We have gathered enough mobs and allowed the yak to kill them, and have not received the achievement. Absolute proof of this being bugged is the fact, that a random mage asked to join us, and when all three of us were in a single group and next to each other, the random mage got the achievement, whilst me and my friend did not. Therefore it seems the bug affects some players, but does not seem to affect others.

Another example is a friend of mine in the Ulduar run, who was trying to get Three Car Garage, and despite the fact he took the chopper (the only one he needs) in the last three runs we did there, the chopper part of the achievement was not awarded once Flame Leviathan was down.

If a counter-based achievement is tracked, you can see that it is bugged for you, if the counter won't increase (for example if you need a certain number of mobs to be killed) and remains at zero.

If you have come across cases, where multi-part/counter-based achievements are unattainable, please share your experiences, so Blizzard knows this is not an isolated case.

Hoping for a blue post that would confirm that the support team is aware of this problem, and fixing it, as achievement runs in many raids are now seriously in question...

Thank you in advance.
I'm not sure GMs have to be aware of bugs, as they don't deal with them. It's also being investigated. Technical support does not do anything about bugs either though I'm afraid, the CS forum (this might be moved there and/or locked) has a list of bugs but just like the thread on the US forum on the bug report forum it isn't comprehensive, not all bugs are listed as some have to be verified to be bugs. If you've reported it ingame that's the correct way, it goes to the QA team.
But, yes, the QA team are aware.

As a rule of the thumb, you can try seaching the US bug forum to see if there's been an acknowledgement from the QA team on it, but because the devs and QA are on US they stick it all in one forum.

PS: Tailyda will sadly not be answering your post on the other thread.
This is a terrible bug. When you like achiev on all of your characters like me its almost no point to log. Keeping an eye for a fast fix.
Hey Lai,
As Nyshae said these issues are being looked into, I'm afraid i can't offer you an ETA on a fix but hopefully we'll have more information to share soon or ideally a fix.
I would like to add "They're Coming Out of the Walls (25 player)" to this list. The specified Guardians of Yogg-Saron don't give credit upon getting killed (counter stays at 0)
I can assure you guys that "They're coming out of the walls" is working. Check my armory at least it's recorded not like my glories. However here are some:
- Dwarfageddon (15/25 player both unattainable) - Whatever you choose for your vehicle / or raid difficulty / with-or-without addons the counter won't start. Will always display 0.
- The Traitor King (25 player) - Same issue as Dwarfageddon.
- Trial of the Crusader (10 player) - I tried to open a ticket reagrding this because this really won't need any further investigation but all i got was a template message. However you kill the bosses it won't count. I'm currently saved to that instance with my achievement showing i haven't killed any. I personally find it interesting to denyachievement granting in these situations. Player saved - achievement shows no progression. I don't know what are we even talking about...
- Mine Sweeper - Even getting caught in 30 bombs won't grant the achievement.
- Supermassive (10 player) - Same issue as Dwarfageddon and Traitor King.
- Straight Six (Elegon - MSV) - Just out of curiosity. The hard part of the achievement is met and I'm saved till emperor... how can somebody persume i haven't killed Elegon? Seriously get some brain can't say other thing...
GMs don't deal with bugs in any form, I don't know what response you're getting but they do not normally award achievements, bugged or not, because it can lead to other things breaking.
As was said the issues with the achievements are being looked into, if you have information you feel can help then the best thing to do is submit it in-game using the bug report feature.

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