What do you think will make Gamon?

Will kill Garosh? and replace him?

or just help us to kill him?

btw I love Gamon don't kill him pls.
If im not wrong he wont be in the Siege of Orgrimmar, so i hope he just slayed those bastards.
Gamon FtW! I hope he will fight with us against Garrosh. He's one of the best Orgrimmar NPCs ever.
I guess Gamon being surrounded by guards is just sheer cosmetics and there are no actual plans for him to play any active role in the story. But im glad they actually updated him for level 90 and hope they wont forget to keep it up in next expansions.
I think Gamon's faithful service to Orgrimmar should be officially recognised with a titled position, perhaps something like Assistant Security Chief.

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