A New MVP! :O

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Hello all!

As you may already be aware, our MVP program is a way for us to reward active, constructive and helpful players participating on the European World of Warcraft forums. You may already be familiar with our existing MVPs: Celiby, Danellos, Doomsinger, Eolien, Gontier, Jito, Johni, Nyshae and Shammoz.

If you happen to regularly poke your head into the Arena and Rated Battlegrounds forum, then you have probably seen the name “Thornass” showing up quite regularly. Because of his willingness to help others, friendly attitude and ability to provide excellent feedback, his text was sought after by the Burning Legion. It seems that the prolonged exposure to their fel magic has turned his text green! Please join us in congratulating Thornass on his new fel empowered text. :)
Congratulations! :D
Congratulations :D

PvP forums can be brutal... good to see that there are still helpful posters within the chaos :)
Congratulations Thornass!
Another green! Hurray for green!
Gratz :)
Welcome, Thornass! \o/
Welcome Thornass! ;o)
Congratulations! \o/

*tackle-hugs human*
Congratulations and welcome, Thorny. :)
Even if I'm not a PvP'er myself, you deserve praise my friend. Congratulations!
Cheers! Thanks for the warm welcome guys. :)

*tackle-hugs human*

Aka 'glomp'?
No idea who they are but, grats anyway!

*tackle-hugs human*

Aka 'glomp'?

Glompin' people's ma thing.
Congrats Thornass!
Congratulation =)

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