A New MVP! :O

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25/06/2013 11:09Posted by Khadryn

I can't congratulate you before I know that you approve of female dwarves. Do you approve of female dwarves?

I'm sure we will get along. In fact, I have a Dwarf Female character myself!

congrats thornassx

Thanks Hype!

Congrats, sir. Or madam. These things are complicated on the internets. *Leaves a plate of cookies, scuttles off*

No matter what gender, everyone likes cookies!
Congratulations, Thornass! :)
Congrats, and welcome to the green team :D
As a frequent reader of the arena section (but not a very frequent poster) I saw this coming.. ;P

Congrats, it's well earned.
Welcome Thornass!! :)
Wiii a new green :D Welcome!

Now we just need Tio to bake a cake for this occasion! :D
Thornass for President \o/

Grats ;)
Congrats, nice to see your efforts being rewarded
Hey there Thornass, welcome!
Congrats for joining the Green Team, Thornass!
Would you look at that. Grats, man!

I knew it was coming man, Gzzz <3
Congratulations! :)
Wish we had this many blue posts on stuff that actually matters , but meh :<

Anyway gz
The name Thornass worries me a little the name of your guild worries me a little...

perhaps I am just 1 of life's worriers :(

Anyway all that aside gratz newest member of the Green INK Club :)

= GIC oohhh
Wish we had this many blue posts on stuff that actually matters , but meh :<

Anyway gz
Matters to you, that's what you meant right?

Thornass writes up loads of amazing posts in the Arena & Rated Battlegrounds section.
25/06/2013 14:07Posted by Dottie
I don't want to bring the whole thing down but isn't his name against the rules? Thorn !@#?

In my opinion, no. I'm sure that if I started translating all of the names in this thread into every language out there, every single one would contain profanity. Say I call one of my characters Assumption. According to your logic, it should be against the rules. I think that's taking things a bit far.

Anyway, this has already been mentioned in this thread;

25/06/2013 09:58Posted by Thornassx
I had the name Thor-nas and added another 's'... to make it even cooler. I was level 30 when fellow players in my Scarlet Monastery group started laughing at my name, I had no idea why at first. :p

To deal with the rule which you quoted;

25/06/2013 14:07Posted by Dottie
Are mildly inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions

I don't consider the word 'assumption' to be a reference to human anatomy. So why is Thornassx?
I suppose it could be thor nassx

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