Declining quality of wow armour sets...

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i TOTALY agree with you

lots of the OL sets and Wotlk sets were made for Clases and they look Cool

Cata and Especialy MoP sets are just lame realy there is barely any set that i would say it fits to the class or even look good.

Warlock sets turning into monsters and Aliens
Warrior sets are just WTF realy with bones everywhere in a way that it doesen't even look cool
Rogues getting a Set of Glued together junks.
Mages constantly getting some time traveler sets with google's always
Paladins now those sets are just LOL realy XD
The current mindset i've seen at Blizzard, ever since The first Season 1 gear is "add more horns and spikes and its ok"

And it really needs to stop - i understand that its not an easy job, but thats why they have experts and stuff. Ive seen countless fan made art of amazing sets, something some random person drew on a napkin while eating (not really but you get the picture - not professionaly)

So anyway, more imaginative and more class oriented.

To many sets atm dont look like they belong to that class, most of all imo is Paladins - and has been the case for a while.
The guy who made tbc armor is gone. Recently some tbc people came back though so maybe they have more influence on future armor. After tbc Blizzard said they wanted armor to be more "realistic" which is stupid as !@#$ but anyway. Nobody I know likes the armor and everyone I know loves tbc gear. No please dont quote me with your opinion :)
Unfortunately I agree with this, not liked many of the new tier armor sets. Although I do like those funky wings on the priest set.
It's all personal opinion. One of the most overused transmog sets is the Paladin Judgement set and I think it looks terrible. You can't please everyone no matter how hard you try which is why transmog is great. I really like the current tier set for Priests, it fits Shadow very nicely.
It's all personal opinion. One of the most overused transmog sets is the Paladin Judgement set and I think it looks terrible. You can't please everyone no matter how hard you try which is why transmog is great. I really like the current tier set for Priests, it fits Shadow very nicely.

You mean you don't want to look like a giant golden christmas decoration?
I dont like judgement gear either... But Love or hate the old sets... They are iconic.

There are bound to come out with an ok set now and again, but they still don't compare back to the old Pvp bg sets and tier armor ...andI don't see people transmogrifying back to it this tiers or seasons armor in two tiers time!
Yes, tier 1-6 are brilliant and then the quality just took a nosedive although the current horrible (imo) designs have also to do with the whole panda/china theme which I dislike. Maybe then next expansion could bring a more intereting theme for the designers to draw inspiration from.
I ma not really impressed with the Hunter tiers from 1 to 6, prefer the later ones over those from Vanilla and TBC.

It's opinion, really.
The tier 4hunter armour is probably best looking armour in game.... but either way, at least we still remember it.. I can't even remember what the last hunter tier set looks like!
I prefer the newer armor over the older personally. I feel as if the old armor was too much "I'm a druid, therefore my armor looks animalistic." To me, the newer sets bring out aspects of classes which are less in your face.

It's all personal opinion though.
I must say most T10 (especially the hc sets) look great, after that meh.
All druid armor look the same so there is no point even transmogging them. Light brown and animal parts everywhere.
I've lost count of how many new armour sets are only just recolours of old ones.
It is a matter of taste naturally. I love these latest sets (If they are what i think they are) for that simple fact that they actually look like something to wear again. Unlike overly complicated sets with odd dcorationss and stuff that actually makes armors lok fragile.

Some realism would be fine when designing these sets, like shoulders that are twice the size of characters head is just lookintg stupid :)

02/07/2013 23:31Posted by Kouvolatukka
transmogging them.

Maybe you people should take better advantage of this system. Instead of looking like someone else get a look from older gear that looks great, even some OLD green lowbie items would make anyone look cool.
Yeah some old green items look awesome... Heck look at how much vanilla green item pieces cost for transmog!
They're not bland.The PvE sets at least are always sets that fit the tier that you're doing,or are most of the time.if you look at sets like the mage t15 N/HC the t11 hc set for mages and some others - they're pretty !@#$ing awesome.In terms of design the sets might not fit your likes but they do fit the raiding tier and thats really the way blizz can please more customers.

Just for the record I hope you're not playing on some 1280p or 1680p resolution with texture quality on good and think you're seeing the sets in their full color.

To each his own but the details of the sets aswell as the effects undoubtably have improved.The themes of the sets are probably what's letting you down,but as I mentioned above they're set for the current tier
Wow is supposed to be a cartoony themed game, it has started that theme, and chose to. Maintain it. However the armour design has become too detailed.. Too sharp, too much clutter and not inline with previous wow content. It makes the game look muddled.

If poeple wanted detail back then, they would have chosen Everquest 2 instead of wow back then. Sharp, detailed and realistic armour textures belong in games like that, and games like skyrim etc... It's great in those games! But wow is intentially whimsical and light hearted, it doesn't fit.

Old tiers were bold, distinctive and imaginative. The recent tiers all blend into one for me, yeah there may be one or two ok sets.. But that is not enough to redeem the rest!

I play on max settings, for Christ sake, it's an old game, who doesn't play it on max!?
Overall I agree with the OP.

But there are exceptions. The season 11 paladin set is (imo) the best set designed in WoW this far. The tier 13 priest set is not far behind. I know there are many people who don't like the priest set I've mentioned but I think no one can deny how much work went into it, even if you don't like the look.
Maybe there are others but these two stick out for me as being great examples of the designers trying something new and giving their best.

Tier 14/15 and the previews for tier 16 so far leave me rather unimpressed though. :/

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