5.4 Shaman Changes in Future PTR Build

We do have more changes coming for Resto Shaman in 5.4, which you should be seeing on the PTR soon (though possibly not in the next build). However, we wanted to let you know about a couple changes we’re going to try out for Healing Tide Totem.

First, it’s no longer a talent. Healing Tide Totem is now baseline, available to all three Shaman specs. As you’re all aware, it’s an extremely useful ability, which makes it difficult for us to provide alternative options in that talent tier. Giving Healing Tide to everyone not only lets us work on making that tier more interesting, but it also makes sure no one is missing out on one of Resto’s more powerful tools by selecting the “wrong” talent.

Second, now that Healing Tide is a baseline ability, we feel it’s acceptable to give it a similar treatment to Tranquility or Divine Hymn in 25-man raids. It will now heal up to 12 targets when in a 25-player raid instance (and remains at 5 targets in other content).

There are several other changes still in discussion (such as what we’ll be replacing Healing Tide with in the talent tree, just as one example), but we wanted to at least share what we could before the weekend. We’re hoping to get at least some of them onto the PTR in one of the next builds. Please keep up the constructive feedback – it’s extremely useful!
Does sound lovely indeed!

I think a problem with Resto Shaman for a long time especially in 10 man raids are the distances between heals.

Chain heal maybe should be redesigned for an increased ranged and probably an increased number of targets - in return bump it's mana up a bit maybe.

AOE healing when spread is a Resto Shaman's weakness, but good change :)
How does that work out in Flex Raiding?
While I think it's a good change for shammies it does seem somewhat inconsistent with other talent changes.

Why is it when every shammy picks one talent in a tier that talent gets made a baseline ability and buffed, whereas when every holy paladin picks eternal flame that means it needs a big nerf?
Oh I was kinda hoping you were fixing elemental shamans in PvP when I saw this thread on mmo champion..
Gratz to the Shamans.

Now, when is Blizzard going to do anything about the Holy Paladins?

Or it's ok to have less 20% HPS than Monks and Priest? (and let's add druids in 5.4)
I wonder what you will shoot at us =).. But I am glad that this has finally happend ^_^.
Definitely a step in the right direction, and glad that we finally could get a confirmation from a bluepost. However there are still loads of issues with the class that needs to be looked into.

The tier 16 set bonuses for instance, in current state I dont even want to swap away from tier 15 even if I gain loads of ilvl from it.

the 2p would had been cool if Earth Shield actually did some healing, however with the amount of healing it actually does this 2p is actually useless.

The 4p does like max 1-2% off ur healing since it all ends up being overhealing and this needs to be adressed.
It's great to actually see something being done and that resto shamans speaking up didn't go unnoticed for once. As Sonie says there is quite some expectations on that new tier talent / more resto spread fixing and the tier 16 bonuses you should still look at.
The good news is that changes are coming.

Let's wait for the next wave of annoucements, we can't really comment without seeing the big picture.

25-man CD issue fixed, let's hope 10-man raid , spread healing and tank-healing issues will soon be addressed too.
Does this mean a massive nerf to Ancestral Guidance though? I've been using AG on my enhancement spec because it just massively owns with the burst we have right now. In a PvE scenario ofcourse. Having glyphed maelstrom healing, using AG with Ascendance and healing rains is ridiculous at the moment, I imagine popping a healing tide in amongst that would just make enhancement shaman solely capable of keeping up 10 people without a problem.
Would be awesome to see Spirit Link as a talent; maybe not as it was in Wotlk beta (50-50 redistribution might be too powerful), but tuned accordingly. It looked amazing back then and was unique.
Does this mean a massive nerf to Ancestral Guidance though? [...] that would just make enhancement shaman solely capable of keeping up 10 people without a problem.

There is no sense in nerfing Ancestral Guidance.
Is does, what it has to do... it is healing based on our damage - either you have some CD's up and have a decent CD to support the raid or you don't and don't heal as much as you could.
Additionally it scales well with our gear and our damage. It's not like it's to much or to less but this is my opinion.
On the other hand we will have another HealRaidCD that will work well if combined with others in a 10 man, but I don't think that we will have a too great impact on 25 man healing if it isn't pulsing AOE dmg where people can stay together (Ra'den Phase 2).

I think that this is a great change for Elementals and Enhancements, but I'm wondering what the impact on Resto Shamans will be, since they are losing a well scaling HealTotem. We will see what the new CD will be. But don't forget...nowadays you need more DefensiveCD's than CD's that Heal you up after you took that Dmg you might could resists partly.

Nice for Elementals and Enhancement bringing them back at the point they should be - being able to do decent Dmg and being able to support the raid if needed (on costs of Dmg as Enhancement)
Resto Shaman are losing a powerful healing CD since it doesn't scale with the passives anymore and the 50% buff to HTT isn't enough to compensate it - they will need another good CD making them able to persist in 25 man raids.
Having one Shaman of every Spec in 10 man player mode might be (if looking on HealCD's) over the top.
Bottom line, I really appreciate this change (as an Enhancement).
Nice to see this although I was more expecting to see SLT swapping places with the HTT talent and HTT going to resto as baseline. SLT is more a situational talent that suits the talent system ethos quite well and I have a feeling HTT baseline will be viewed as somewhat OP by certain classes. That said tranq etc are exactly the same so this seems to be a much better choice and you definitely get no complaints from me about this change.

In terms of possible replacements for the HTT talent spot, you could go for something like -

Frozen Bulwark Totem - pulses for X seconds encasing the five lowest health players in an icy shield that absorbs X dmg.


Totem of Ocean's Might - absorbs X% of all incoming damage for the next X seconds. When the totem expires it explodes in a wave healing players within X yards for the absorbed amount spread between all players in range.


Skylord's reach - Your chain heal and chain lightning jump range is increased by 100% and will chain to two more people/mobs. In addition, if the spell cannot make the full number of jumps, it will strike the opposite targets instead for the opposite effect but at an X% reduced power. E.g. Chain Lightning will heal players if it cannot chain to additional mobs, while chain heal will damage monsters instead.

Or even

Empowered grounding totem - Your grounding totem will now absorb spell damage equal to X% of the health of the caster before being destroyed and will now also trap area of effect spells.
I m sure developers will eventually make a new talent that will be equal with other 2 talents in that tier.HTT totem is very popular because Healing Stream totem does not heal well.I think if HST would heal twice much than it does now, people might consider taking other talents but HST won't do much for dps shamans and we desperately need that "push and save yourself" kinda burst healing/absorb.

-I have an idea to Conductivity, that only Chain Heal will create a small Healing Rain or every heal that crits create a small healing rain.Also the any direct healing or damaging will increase all the Healing Rains duration for X seconds.That way we will have small HR's (1/2 or 1/3 size of normal HR) and Chain Heals will be more important to cast.Problem is this kinda looks like resto druid stuff.
Zengin excellent idea but i doubt they willget into so much trouble because it will just mean it will or might overload their actors/ raid boss fight if you understand what i mean. It is already crowded and caped and the fps will just go lower. I feel this would be the real reason that they wouldn't do something like that.

In my opinion what would really be fun would be a talent (replacing the HTT) that would enable some other defensive totems to go mass wide on their ability. I guess with a 3-5min CD.

A Talent that when used it will make the next
bulwark totem to cover all raiders individualy with it's shield strength when dropped or astral shift to cover a group/raid or the other talent choice of first tier to work for few seconds for all raid.
healing stream totem / healing tide to heal more low hp persons on every tick (instead of the number they are supposed to)
grounding totem to soak X direct spells against the raid (instead of 1)

I mean the possibilities are endless! Wouldn't that talent be awesome? And with proper tweaks it wouldn't be that powerful and would be just as useful as a healing rain boost talent or a dmg -> heal talent. I kinda prefer the bulwark and grounding totem mechanic now that i read my proposal.
I think that on this talent tier, having one more healing boost talent is ..boring. the talent i propose is way more fun :P

and the list could go on
Oh my god get the blue posters OUT OF HERE! Can't just show up once every 3 years without saying the magic password.
Interesting times a head on the PTR :)
It sounds like a neato solution! I can't help but wish Kil'jaeden's Cunning had been given the same treatment, though. I'm always a fan of making useful things baseline rather than getting rid of their functionality.

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