Cape Transmog

Hey guys, I am trying to create a unique transmog set but i require a white cape. Does any1 know a way i can obtain one/where i can farm one...

All help is much appreciated
Maybe you can find one here. Good luck :)
"Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted" would be your best bet off the top of my head.

Drops from Prince Malchezaar in Karazhan
thanks, this is a great site, but how come when i click on the item i dont get any infomation on it ??
Get the addon MogIt

try this. Click the "Item Models" selection for any of the classes, then click on cloaks. It has pictures of all of them along with where you can get them. It includes all the ways to get all the models of them too. (Like how there's 4 pairs of gloves that all have the same model, but you can get them from quests or crafting or tier or something.)
Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape, It's white and longer than your average cape or cloak.
Get the addon MogIt

This, easy to use, gives the information and you can create your own set AND link it. You can even create a set for your main while you're on a different toon.

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