[A] <Awakened> Social Raiding Guild [2/8 M 7/8 HC]

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey there.
Let me tell you our history.

Awakened is a long standing guild currently living on the connected realms of Vek'nilash, Blade's Edge and Eonar.
We are an Alliance guild, first created in 2009 on Chamber of Aspects, where we started out as a 10-man focused social raiding guild.
Our aim was to create a guild where we could raid in a relaxed and fun environment while still challenging ourselves to clear current content. We still have that goal today.
There is never a dull moment in the guild as there's always something going on. In previous expansions we've been busy clearing content, completing achievements awarding fancy titles and mounts, and we don't intend to stop now!
We are very active on TeamSpeak (although our humour may be a little dark!), and you can always find a group for Mythic + dungeons, playing other games together or just chilling with friends. We have also hosted five successful guild meet ups, and plan to continue these in the years to come!

When you join Awakened, you are not just joining a guild, you become part of our family.
It's not often we have people leave our guild, and even when members have stopped playing due to other commitments they still pop onto TS to catch up and play with friends. When you join Awakened, you gain friends for life.

Our progress currently is:

2/8 Uldir Mythic
7/8 Uldir Heroic
8/8 Uldir Normal

2/11 Antorus Mythic
11/11 Antorus Heroic
11/11 Antorus Normal

We raid on a calendar sign-up basis. Our raid days are Thursday, Sunday and Mondays. Our raid times are 20:15 - 23:00 realm time.
We start out invites at 20:15 and first pull is at 20:30. Getting here early is a great chance to catch up with everyone and get some pre-raid nerves sorted!

We are recruiting for:

Ranged DPS: OPEN
Tanks: Closed (potentially open for the right person)
Healers: Closed (potentially open for the right person)
Even if your class or specialisation is not listed above we are always willing to accept skilled players!

We also put great value on the social aspect of the game, so if you're not one for raiding, or just want somewhere to be able to relax while you play, you'd be most welcome here.

And there we have it.
If <Awakened> sounds like the place you want to be, feel free to get in touch with me (BTag - Zingzilla#2945), our recruitment officer Sage (BTag Sage#1124) or find our GM and other officers in-game for a chat!
You can also pop over to our website awakevek.enjin.com for more information or to apply on there!

Hope to see you in-game soon!
Thought I'd add an update to this!

We have no new boss kills yet, summer and fancy holidays have taken a few of our raiders so we've been lacking raiders the last few weeks. But don't let that put you down. We're now recruiting for 5.4, and intend to hit it hard when it comes out!

We really need casters. A mage or a warlock would be a lovely addition to our team!

We're not aiming for server firsts. We're not aiming for hours of raiding to get bosses down. What we aim for is a friendly raid in a relaxing atmosphere, where everyone can enjoy playing what they enjoy playing. If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, please give me a shout! I'm usually hanging around somewhere.

We've headed straight into Seige of Orgrimmar and got 3 whole bosses down, with the forth barely surviving at 5%. We'll get him next time.

Currently we're only looking for back-up raiders. People who can dedicate themselves to the raids, when a member of our usual team can't make it. This means you might miss out on the glory of kills and progression, but damnit, you'll be there when we need you.

So if you fancy some casual, non-hectic, social raiding without much pressure, give me a shout!
Updated. Now at 7/14!
Also updated our recruitment needs.
Updated with new kills - Spoils won't be much longer now!
Recruiting for ranged/healers.
On to the last leg of the journey - we thok'ed Thok after getting our healing and RWCDs just perfect!

Our other latest new is that <Awakened> are back to set raiding days!
Our days from now on are Thursday, Sunday and Monday, from 20:00 - 23:00 realm time.
Did some not-quite-yet Spring cleaning and we're now recruiting for socials! We're a small but dedicated community of friends that enjoy the game and want to share that joy (and sometimes hatred, damn RNG!) with similar-minded people!
I can boast about us all day but the best thing to do is join us and see for yourself!
Give me a whisper or head over to our forums (awakevek.enjin.com) for more info, or an invite!
Paragons are down! Only Garrosh left now.
Come at us bro!
Hi, I've made an application and added you online.
Hope you can get back to me : D

Garrosh is down! Finally, after many many tries, he kicked the bucket.
We had lots of fun after the kill, lots of screenies and many fun times.

Still on the look out for those extra few members. :]
Looks like I've been slacking - we got our first heroic kill on Monday!
Keep up the good work guys.
And our second and third HC kill soon followed. Great job guys!
Still on the look out for some social players, wanting to progress to raiding in WoD.
Sha of Pride downed after just one raid on him!
And an excellent set of loot drops for our hunters. Keep it up, Galakras awaits!
Haven't updated in a while - we've just cleared out Gala and Iron Jugger on HC!
Moving swifty onwards, in the hopes of epic lewts we don't have to disenchant! >.<
Updated class needs. Looking for a tank, ready to start HC raiding.
Also after some social players!
Been a while, bump!
After losing 2 of our raiders to RL and having one of our many priests gear a tanky warrior we are finally back in business.
Casually been clearing our SoO HC farm bosses with little difficulty and got a progress kill on Nazgrim before the end of our latest the raid night. Good job everyone!

Still recruiting for social players, and players wanting to raid in WoD.
Now that WoD is closing in we are starting prep for Mythic.
Which means looking at expanding our current raid team. If <Awakened> sounds like the guild for you (a challenge with a lot of laughs along the way!) then please make an app on our website (awakevek.enjin.com)
Previous raiding experience is not necessary as long as you are willing to learn and improve!
I'm a beautiful goldfish!
True dat!

In other news, Shamans went down easily after we gave in to our raiders who wanted to three tank the fight, so we brought along our un HC-geared off-tank and walked over them.
And Malkorok bit the bullet in our last raid! Good job everyone, was a nice clean kill. Except the few deaths near the end by some scrubs!

We are also really looking for some players to join us for WoD. Give me (or any other officer) a poke if you fancy joining our antics!
Good news everyone!
Spoils of Pandaria finally went down last night after more damn attempts than Garrosh!
Everyone managed to stay alive at the end too, which I think is a first for a progression kill!

Still recruiting for WoD. Apply on our website or catch someone in game!

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