best opener for a assasination rogue pve

hi i started to gear my rogue for tot normal now over the past couple of weeks and was wondering whats the best way to open up on a enemy, this is what ive heard

slice and dice at 2 combo

using mutilate as a filler above 35%
and using dispatch as a filler below 35%
You don't usually Ambush as Assassination. Mutilate and Ambush are very close in terms of Damage per Energy, but Mutilate can proc Blindside, so in a PvE scenario that outweighs using Ambush. There's no reason to Vanish that early either, since that will cut your autoattacks. Assassination is all about sustained damage, automatic attacks and poison procs provide the majority of your overall DPS in most situations. You don't necessarily want to pop CDs that early either, but that depends largely on the encounter and your group's tactics.

In PvE you aren't likely to kill anything in the 1st few seconds, so don't worry about initial burst. Your first goal is to get your rotation going smoothly. After that you look for opportunities to get the CDs and procs lined up. It's not about using everything you got as fast as you can, but about using the right tools at the right time.

So, here's a much better, smoother and less busy way to open as Assassination in a Raid environment.

Open with Mutilate -> put up Rupture. If Blindside procs use Dispatch and then SnD. If not, Mutilate to SnD.

In general, Muti above 35%, Dispatch under 35% health. It's worth noting, that Blindside makes Dispatch free, so during the proc you can Dispatch while pooling Energy. You don't have to Dispatch the second Blindside procs, btw, as the buff lasts for a fairly long time. Learn to pool Energy and time things to get the most out of Assassination's potential.

After you have both Rupture and SnD rolling, you will want to get a 5CP Rupture going, but try avoiding clipping it too early, if you can do that without Energy capping. (If you have Anticipation things are likely to be quite a lot easier.) Envenom to Refresh SnD with whatever CPs you have. At this point you will have both Rupture and SnD running for a long duration. This is when you start looking at CD usage. You'll also want to maximize your Envenom uptime without clipping the buff, if at all possible. However, better to clip Envenom than cap on Energy.

Vanish to Mutilate is a good way to eek out a bit more damage, especially with Shadow Focus. With Anticipation I often find it worth using Muti/Dispatch even at 5CPs, if I'm about to use a Finisher after, since Relentless Strikes will refund you with Energy, meaning you might Energy cap. The difference in overall damage is likely to be negligible, but if you're aiming to maximize performance, it's something extra you can do. Also, if talented for Elusiveness, Feint can be used as a small Energy dump as well, and your Healers will appreciate using it. With the current tier set bonuses cutting the cost of Abilities during Shadow Blades, I often try to spend a bit of my Energy before using it to - yet again - avoid capping on Energy.

You'll want to stack CDs together to maximize DPS, and when possible, stack them on weapon enchant and trinket procs to get the most out of things.

As you can see, a big part of Rogue and Assassination PvE is about proper resource management. This spec is about rhythm, think of it a bit like a dance. It's not about how much you do, but about timing things in the best ways.
08/08/2013 17:02Posted by Kaldea
Vanish to Mutilate

You meant Garrote, right?
You meant Garrote, right?
No, Mutilate, Garrote won't proc VW when Rupture is up.
Rupture tic every 2 sec instead of every 3 sec for Garrote , so for VW Rupture>Garrote .
08/08/2013 23:29Posted by Mortrèd
Vanish to Mutilate

You meant Garrote, right?

Look at it this way: Garrote ticks once every 3 seconds. Rupture ticks every 2 seconds. It's likely you won't even get a 1 tick out Garrote before you have Rupture running. You are effectively trading less than 1 tick of Garrote to a hard hitting Mutilate (=Physical + Poison damage proc) and 30% chance for a free Dispatch.
Opening with Mutilate is a lot better for damage.

I do sometimes open with Garrote, though, but that's to interrupt my target's casting, not because of the damage or Venomous Wounds.
Personally I open with a garrotte, mostly because it feels like I get SnD and combo points up quicker...

Garrotte, SnD, then straight to a max envenom - then go for full rupture or another envenom (your decision)

Personally i rather use that method then;
Mutilate, rupture, (hoping for blindstrike) if non go for mutilate again, SnD...

Besides the only reason we really have rupture/Garrote up is from the energy regen, and yea sure the random tick now and then is a nice boost, but we have it up for the extra energy...
Long duration (450 +/-20%)
Mut > SnD > Shadow Blades> Mut > Rupture > Vendetta > Standard Rotation
Yields:199,079 dps (error: 134dps)
Distribution - Max: 226,300, min: 176,284 - Range: 50,016

Mut > SnD > Mut > Rupture > Vendetta > Shadow Blades (*)> Standard Rotation
Yields: 199,265 dps (error: 134dps)
Distribution - Max: 226,455 min: 180,126 - Range: 46,329

Mut > Shadow Blades> Rupture > Mut > SnD> Vendetta > Standard Rotation
Yields: 198,805 dps (error: 134dps)
Distribution - Max: 230,443, min: 178,454 - Range: 51,989

Copied from the "" -thread from mmo-champ.

Personally I open with the first example given, since it gives longer Rupture at the start so I can put all the combopoints I get during SB to Envenom. 4-pc gives great burst during SB.
i don't like popping shadow blades instantly. gives my trinkets time to proc and jinrok one more time to stack.

- pot
- stealth
- Mutilate (shadow focus) don't open with ambush as it cant proc dispatch. garrotte is a bad opener as it ticks every 3 seconds rather than ruptures 2 seconds
- Mutilate
- Rupture at 4/5 CPs
- Cheap as possible SnD (hopefully Mutilate gave u a dispatch proc to use here or both crit resulting in 1 anticipation charge) otherwise mutilate and 2-3 cp SnD
- pool energy and then pop CDs

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