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I'm looking for someone to play together with, we could start new characters and level up together and do dungeons and stuff, you know just play. I am bored of not having anyone to play with and none of my friends want to play WoW right now. I don't take things hardcore seriously or anything I just want to have fun while playing but playing alone gets kinda boring in the end.
yeah i agree. i'm looking to start over on the Outland as a Druid Tauren.

if you think it sounds intresting then give me a poke.

my realID is Sandra#2888
Email: Sandra1993@live.no
or Skype: Heinis12311

hope to see you soon to discuss something out.
idk maybe we can go with 3 man ? :d i would like to play together ùy ID is Kubah#2243
Can i join in ? :3

But are you sure about the server ? 'Cause Outland is pretty much ganking 24/7...

Battletag : RebelLama#2123
well i was just making a gesture request. i've tried Stormscale Al'Akair and i cant say i was very pleased with the servers so thought giving Outland a chance. the Queue-limits tend to be quite booked at times. other than that i see no harm in attempting anything else. altho i would like to apply for a PVP server with lots of 2's 3's 5's and RBG's.
Draenor (both) , Twisting Nether (Horde) , Kazzak (Horde) , Ragnaros (Horde...?) , Sylvanas ( Alliance) or Ravencrest (alliance)

These servers should all be PvP and very populated. :)

Edit: Just checked that Draenor is PvE...
we're going Kazzak :) add Sandra#2888 Benni and talk to me there :)
Sorry guys , but i have first day of school tomorrow and i don't know when i get back home to play... :(
Kubah if you're reading this log. we're going Kazzak. if you're launching for Outland dont do it.
I'm always willing to play with some new people :)

add me: rockett#2202
or: jason.van.camp@hotmail.com
skype: rockett vc
i know this is old but just wondering if anyone wants to start a new character with me,
I'm new but I'm a quick learner. Also the more the merrier! :D Thanks!
I'd like to so that too if anyone interested. That's if someone ever reads this message :D
Im up for this if you anyone is still looking. Im pretty new myself so dont know anyone really. This would help me get to know people.

Battletag: ManicMarble#2604

Let me know if anyone is still up for this.


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