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Looking for Players – PvE
Greetings Snafu of Mazrigos are now recruiting players of Raiding Casual and PvP backgrounds in order to recreate the social environemnt of a guild and also to push forward into 5.4.

We are a small guild on Mazrigos whose main aim is to have fun and enjoy the game as much as possible, mostly that has been by raiding current content, we are currently 11/12 in ToT normal and aim to push 12/12 before 5.4.
Moving forward we want to recruit casual players for levelling and for those who have never raided before or been out of the game for a while we would offer a place in our guild to call home.
PvP was never a big aspect of Snafu but with recent recruits and old PvP commanders we are looking to recruit anyone with a casual interest in PvP.

With regards to Raiding we are primarily looking for 1-2 people to fill out raid team roster to add a degree of flexibility, any Role is suitable preferably with an OS and some experience in there main role. We raid thurs - sun 8-11pm server time and we provide Food and Flasks and have a simple Need before greed system. As most of us are 20+ we fully accept that real life responsibilities are first and foremost and we will always attempt to work flexibly around thse.

To apply please go to snafu.guildlaunch.com and apply or message myself, Erthe, Dewbs, Vermarthen or Fearmonkey in game.

Thanks and look forward to meeting new people

Edited to change a few minor details

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