"There is already a thread on this topic" thread locks.

Then they should be suspended instead of being spoonfed.

There are many traits which should be rewarded, laziness however is not one of them.

And dont even get me started on forums bans. I've gotten forum banned for 3 months for using the word "edited: excrement in common language - is that a better word?" in a metaphorical sense in a post. It generally gives me the impression they use a word filter for it. I'm not even sure that writing "excrement" instead of "!@#$" is not considered a forum infraction of going around the actual word.

Class forums and role forums have no moderation. Really, none. Same with realm forums. I once had to report a week old topic going on made by a guy that had gotten pissed with some chick and had dug up pictures of her and her family, had "staged" fake conversations with her with erotic content and posted the whole thing in the shape of a scathing story. The topic was already on like 10 pages of various idiots joining in the "fun" about laughing over details of the chick's butt or her mother's.

If you want the patch notes for your class, you need to go to mmo. I consider myself a person of medium intelect but I have issues getting the latest updates from the wow site.

The recruitment forums are probably the worst. They are close to useless, a disorganized swamp with no structure in which you need to step around the ban on "bumping" posts if you got nothing new to update - yes, if I'm still looking for a dps after a week, should I hope somebody finds my topic on page 7?

So to talk about laziness on posters part is hilarious given the organization level of the forums that are supposed to be maintained by paid people.

Got suspension from forums myself for s**t "Oh s**t, The horrors!"
95% of the time there's a related thread on the first page or two, which isn't hard to find.

Yeah, making up statistics doesn't make it so. Some of us speak about stuff other than "please remove DKs!" or "kill LFR OMG."

Then the best thing to do is probably to send an e-mail to CMfeedback-EN@blizzard.com.

You're welcome to e-mail a complaint to CMfeedback-EN@blizzard.com. :)

So you're not holding yourself up to that laziness standard you keep talking about, eh?

In any case, your contribution to this thread has been nil, bar a few words where you point fingers into an imaginary bunch of "lazy people who should be suspended" and glower like Mrs. Rottenmeier. Very, very unpleasant.

I wholeheartedly agree with Saphiramoon and Nattwest.
We do occasionally link to threads if we want people to discuss something in one particular place, but we prefer to avoid naming a specific thread if possible, especially if there's more than one thread on the topic, which is often the case.

We're not here to shepherd the topics neatly into individual slots, but sometimes lock threads to prevent too many duplicates popping up so that we can gather feedback for the developers a little easier.

Having said that, I'll echo Doomsinger's earlier advice and ask you to send any feedback on the forums and the Community staff to CMfeedback-EN@blizzard.com, instead of posting it here in the game discussion forum :)

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