State of warriors in PvE & PvP 5.4

Seeing that warrior comes out on bottom in pretty much every scenario (maybe except bladestorm party with the bats on tortos). Warrior haven't seen any big changes so far for the upcoming patch, and the few changes are either faced towards pvp macro-reduction or getting arms closer to fury, which isn't really that good either in comparison to other classes.

Question is... how will this look for warriors in 5.4? are the only reason that we get to raid is because we bring a banner that boosts other peopl's crit damage or is there any other reason why we should be saved a spot instead of using a much better performing melee instead (ret/feral)?

I have most classes between 85-90 and i loved playing feral druid back in wrath when it actually was a challenging class to perform well with, but i went back to the first char i made in tbc (this) when I saw how dumbed down feral turned out to be in cata.

After years of playing warrior now.. I can barely get myself to log another alt and play it for longer periods of time cause nothing beats warrior when it comes to my playstyle and how much fun I can have with the class... although I feel if I wanna continue raiding, I have no other choice than go prot or gear up another alt, and I don't feel like doing either.

Same with PvP... only "ok" buff was the change to slam (I couldn't care less about reflect and wall macro, simply cause I still have to use equipset-macro when I wanna be defensive for that mage/rogue opener for more armor) and at the same time the rage cost for slam went up, so now it has turned into a less used ability that doesn't really fit into any decent rotation I believe.
While other classes get CD reduction (yay 1m bladestorm tho!) and flat out damage increase.
I don't say that warriors were squishy this season and I believe that I manage decently in PvP, but from looking at the patch notes... I fear it's gonna be even worse for warriors in 5.4.

Also... while i'm at it.. Blizzard.. Please Read This:
Execute got nerfed and messed with back in 5.2 because of that silly legendary gem... I hope you see now that it was a big mistake, cause if anything.. it's during the execute phase Warriors were powerful in pve at that moment, but then you turned it into the equalent of a disc priest using SW:D and making it the worst finisher of them all (there isn't even any reason of using your "finisher" as arms.......).

I'd very much like some feedback from ptr testers on how warrior is gonna turn out, cause I love this class and I don't wanna leave it in the dust in other people's interest!

Only thing I do know is that i'm going to be using bladestorm instead of dragon roar and stormbolt instead of bloodbath... But it doesn't seem like anything will change for the better good...
Yeah seems there are lots of us eagerly waiting to be disappointed by PTR feedback, c'mon guys hit us with what it's like there in '5.4'
PvP wise Warriors are strong in 5.4.

At first I expected our damage to be high with the changes to Slam, Deep Wounds and Bladestorm. Instead they turned out to be only marginally better than on live.

However we gained utility through Intervene removing roots so now we can spec Mass Spell Reflection too, very helpful against casters. This combined with Hamstring being off the GCD and not having to switch weapons for Spell Reflect and Shield Wall (also meaning we don't lose any uptime on damage) made Warriors seem a lot smoother overall, was surprised how much of a difference it made, and this is coming from someone who has been Piercing Howl specced up until the 5.4 PTR.

Also the changes to resilience made our survivability greater, even more so then it did for the other classes. This is because high resilience (about 75%) + Defensive Stance + Second Wind means you will be very hard to kill. You can stance dance more frequently too.

Heroic Strike now seems next to use-less, I didn't even have it on my bars on the PTR as Hamstring off the GCD is more worthwhile to use than Heroic Strike, especially as it means you save rage for Slam.

The cleave from Slam with Sweeping Strikes on the target dummies was very strong, but unfortunately it only cleaves to targets within 3 yards (which is very rare in PvP, even if you have 2 targets in a shockwave).

Anyway thats all I have to feedback, very happy with Warriors in 5.4 personally, I didn't feel overpowered but I felt like I can hold my own against the other classes well. Would like to see a minor nerf to Second Wind so that it is equal to how it is on live, slightly too strong with the Resilience changes.
hows the arms rotation now that slam cost is raised?
my usual rotation is Mortal Strike - overpower - overpower - slam.
my rage gain is usually enough to keep this rotation going. but what about 5.4?
Can't help there as I don't follow a rotation system, doesn't work in PvP in my opinion as your rotation will be disrupted then have to restart etc, its not flexible. I just go by whats a priority.

The Slam rage cost isn't hugely noticeable, only an increase of 5 rage cost now as they lowered it. I think in full Grevious gear (next seasons PvP gear) you will be able to keep doing that rotation if you want as our rage generation scales with gear
so a 3sec window with nothing but auto attack, great
i cant help but agree with this as an arms / fury warrior i don't get to raid but rerole prot and every man and his dog wants you in the raid ... this needs fixing... UP THE DAMAGE, give us glory ... also nerf all the mages to the ground!
Well, as arms warr in raid you shouldn't have too much trouble not to be at the botton of dps meter.
Anyway, your guild will pick you up no matter which class/spec you're playing, all you need is being a nice person :)
Arms just plays horribly right now. Needs a huge re-think for the expansion.
Arms just plays horribly right now. Needs a huge re-think for the expansion.

MoP is just like cataclysm, the expac started with warriors being insanely strong and ended with them being awful to the point that we wait for the next expac to get fixed we can't stay like this only having fun the first couple months of an expac.

They can easily balance out arms/fury and make em better if we stood together and asked for it as a whole community, so please don't say yea we need a remake or w/e next expac WE NEED IT NOW !
Ihope they fix the Heroic leap + charge aswell. Since if you push charge just before you land from leap the charge will just be expended.
Also leap is terribly unreliable since it often says that no path is available if the terrain isnt smooth as glass.


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