5.4 Trinkets. ( Enhancement )

Hello my Shaman brothers and sisters.

I would like to know what you people think about the new trinkets for Enhancement Shamans in 5.4!

You can find a complete list of the trinkets aswell as proc rate and effect details on the site below.

Assurance of Consequence, the Cooldown Reduction trinket would be a mandatory one as it effects our much needed cooldowns so much.

The other trinkets ( not counting the one from Timeless isle atm ) would be Sigil of Rampage
(another cleaving proc, might help on fights where alot of cleaving is needed altrough i dont know if that would help us. )

Or the Ticking Ebon Detonator: a Renataki's Soul charm in reverse ( so decreasing the amount of Agility you get instead of increasing over 10 seconds. )

I am not sure about Haromm's Talisman atm ( its basicly Echo of The Elements build into a trinket so when you for example use StormStrike and the trinket procs it will do 33% of that Stormstrikes damage )

I currently have no idea about that Strenght amplify trinket and if it still effects us..

Please share your views and ideas on wich trinkets or trinket combinations would be best for each fight and or role in the raiding team ( role in raiding team as for : Staying or boss or going for adds etc )

Regards, Avi.
Time waste to consider strength trinkets,i am sure they are hard coded to be ineffective for agi classes.I believe this patch will make mastery shine over haste,by rppm change etc.
I just readed some stuff about the Strenght Amplify trinket being BiS :-) so thats why i took it with me in the OP.
But enough about some dull strenght trinket :-) discuss about the others!!
so the one that reduces cooldowns on abilities.. does that not mean (even with the ilvl cap) you could use stormblast 3 times in PvP during ascendance?
holy !@#$ that is overpowered.
edit: nevermind, read that it only affects six major cooldowns ^^ would have been chaos in arena!
Nah fire elemental and ascendance cooldowns are reducing,not SS,LL,EB.
No you wont be able to use Stormblast 3 times in Ascendance.

Spec-Specific Abilities Affected by Assurance of Consequence :

Enhancement Shaman: Fire Elemental Totem, Feral Spirit, Ascendance, Spiritwalker's Grace, Shamanistic Rage, Earth Elemental Totem.
At first i shrugged idea of spiritwalker's grace but,remembered elemental blast.
Yeh, true i was like * errhh?? * but then * ow yeh Ele Blast.. altrough i dont think it will be alot of use because of all the MW stacks.
I think a couple of days back Purge said the strength amp trinket is 10k behind our bis profiles so we can ignore it now :)

Assurance of consequence is BiS no contest there.

I haven't had a chance to play around with the cleave trinket (The lfr ilv scaling is so brutal that the proc rate is 1.91% which is worthless).

Ticking ebon detector is poorly designed imo you can't plan anything when it peaks at the start not a fan.

Haromms talisman is great for us we're like a buzzsaw and get plenty of mileage out of it and it proccs of everything apart from pets importantly don't run primal ele with this or your hurting it's potential echo as said earlier synergises well with it.
I see, thanks for this info Tarma.
i need some help with my trinkets i got normal version haromms talisman and then lfr version assurance of consequence and discipline of xuen i use the talisman but not sure what of the other tow is best option anyone can help?
AoC and Haromms. Not even a choice lol.
i need some help with my trinkets i got normal version haromms talisman and then lfr version assurance of consequence and discipline of xuen i use the talisman but not sure what of the other tow is best option anyone can help?

Assurance. Always.
btw the discipline of xuen its the timelles 535 verson
Doesn't even matter, assurance is far better, even if the ilvl isn't caught up.
thanks a lot for the info
So if i use the trinkets - Assurance and Harmomms - what sort of talent build should i go for then? And define your anwser please
Trinkets don't really matter towards your talent choice that much. Overall, Unleashed Fury with EotE versus Primal Elementalist and EM come out very close. It's regarded to pick Echo of The Elements on any fight where you have AoE going on. The procs on fire nova will make it far more worthwhile than EM.

The choice in your level 90 talents comes down to your own personal preference. The UF/PE debate has come down to a pretty close tie with PE pulling away slightly unless your 2set constantly keeps proccing unleashed fire which gives you a high uptime on 30% extra lightning bolts.

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