[A]Cursed -Outland 11/13 LF shammy

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi, cursed guild on outland is currently recruiting a resto/ele shammy. MUST be able to play both speccs.

Short info about us; we have lei shen HC at 30% atm but our goal is 5.4 ofc and to strenghten our ranks we are recruiting a shaman.

We raid twice a week, Thursday + Sunday 19-23. Sometimes we add an occasional extra day, but that doesnt happen too often. We expect big attendence those days since its our only raid days. "when we raid- WE RAID!"
We expect your gear to be mainly HC gear from TOT.

Most of us are from scandinavia. Contact me on skype "FEsTis89" och apply at our webpage
no shaman who wanna raid HCs with 2 raids a week schedule:D?
still need a shaman!
I'm up for that if you want

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