MM vs BM 5.4 PvP?

He had 430k hp, not really full heroic and legendary cape.

No shrine buffs either.

I'd also like to add all he did was backpeddle and let his pet do damage.
It doesnt matter 430 k hp means pve gear and that means pve trinkets. So please go away play some wargames or something. Hunter doesnnt hit that much. I know everybody hate hunters for their stupid reasons but backpaddling doesnt mean he cant do damage they are two different things . And you play feral probably the only class as well as ele shamans that did better than hunters in 5.3 so whats your point here ? a pve hunter does alot damage to you ? who know what offensives he popped and what defensives u had on . You make no sense just go complain somewhere else and take your pain of no insta cylones on other classes forums.
mad hunters make me happy
Survival will still be !@#$ until they remove the stupid cooldown from black arrow and they give us some sort of haste buff like MM (2x steady shot) or BM (focus fire) have
fademist your are playing again?? Iam mazestix if you remember we were playing arena together with demolay at season 2. After that i lost you :D
i quit my hunter today and maybe the game, hunters are probably 1 of weakest pvp class.

anyone who knows what what to do.. hunter is dead.

no offence m8, but I dare to argue with u here - yes, it became somewhere harder as u have to conserve more focus in order to play efficiently, but no way hunter is the weakest pvp class now, and yes - I can only talk about bg's and world pvp, not about rbgs and arenas, as I don't have exp there, but I realy don't think that you have to quit playing the class u like, all classes have their ups and downs after patches, that's the way blizz is doing things... :_
hell lol guys, i need a tip, i have aloways played mm in arenas and i wanna understeand if it's stille th ebest or not can someone tell me?
...What kind of Unholy Necromancy was capable of resurrecting this monstrosity.
That necro...

Please, threads like this should remain burried.
Hunter is fun PVP class :)
The horror! You have doubled raised this defiled corpse!
Haha I like your stats too mate, they are absolutely !@#$, I just started a hunter, like 512 ilvl, can already boost ppl. So %^-* :)
Oh my god, THIRD resurrection.
I guess Easter time is the right time to do it.
16/09/2013 04:28Posted by Reindel
ofc i kill hunter scrubs like u afk..u dont deserve a better response

'learn to play it better then' wtf? nice bg arena stats mate

Well that escalated quickly, did you choke back the tears while typing this lol.

The necro is strong with this one.
I like BM in arenas, because people try to kite you...

And since you have Kill Command its not kind of a big deal.
I think MM is the best if you are taking PvP seriously. The consistent burst and silencing shot put it above all other specs tbh. SV is good but predictable and unreliable burst. your dots can be dispelled, and black arrow being dispelled can hurt your damage badly at times cos u wont get LnL.

BM as far as i know is just good for some 2's capping and random bg's.

So if i were you I would go MM. As it is the better of the specs. Not greatly though, just better. You can make any of them work if you want to though.
11/09/2013 23:16Posted by Numaír
i quit my hunter today and maybe the game, hunters are probably 1 of weakest pvp class.

anyone who knows what what to do.. hunter is dead.

I still main My hunter and i might change my main when WoD but that doesn't mean hunters are dead ! you still able to solo Arena's tho .. i think its just boring to play thats all.

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