burden of eternity + timeless curio

My understanding was that the burdens of eternity were there to upgrade the unbound 496 items to 535 items, but it's giving me an error message.

Bug or working as intended?
You can only upgrade them before you open them. You cannot upgrade the actual items.
Yes i know that.

Please, allow me to clarify. When i use the burden of eternity on a timeless curio a get an error message saying invalid target. Is that a bug, or is it supposed to do that?
Same error here
I believe you cannot upgrade that item at all, judging by comments on Wowhead. It works on armor pieces though.

I have same problem too :(
But it's unexplained, and makes no sense that every other item can be but not the trinket. If this is intended there ought to be a clarification of the tooltip.
12/09/2013 22:40Posted by Yves
But it's unexplained, and makes no sense that every other item can be but not the trinket. If this is intended there ought to be a clarification of the tooltip.

They want you to buy the timeless trinket from the vendor obviously.
It more anoying you have to take a gamble on the item you use your burden on stats wise i seen some of the random option and i really dont want a 535ilvl mastery only item on my druid (balance) while it could have been haste + crit.
Seems im not only one with this problem, any blue tell us why we cant make 535 trinkets out of the 496 timless curio(unused)?

I like to gamble in the cave not save my coins to buy a trinket, so please fix this bug you missed.

I want to use my burden on the timless curio...trinkets are a part of our "armor" is it not?

Also wondering if anyone tried burden out on neck/cloak/ring tokens...that i see as part of armor aswell...
i used one to make the neck that i have equipped, trinkets are as much a piece of armour as a necklace is.
I thought so. If a neck can be "upgraded", im sure rings can too.

I tried making a trinket and it is nothing random about them, they are just 496 versions of the trinkets sold by vendor for 50k coins that are 535. So what is the problem blizz?

Why you no give us 535 trinkets with burden?
It might be a bug. Keep an eye on this thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6413023639
We need a blue, or someone with a reliable source giving us the answer to this. There is no reason or explanation for not being able to upgrade the curio, it just doesn't work.

Need either a 'is a bug' or a link to blizzard saying 'it's working as intended'.
Just did the exact same thing. Tried to add a Burden of Eternity to a Timeless Curio. And, 10 days after the last post on this subject, still no fix or clearification. A blue post would be appriciated but I think it's safe to say it's not gonna work. It's strange but that's most likely why the vendor is selling both a trinket and the burden instead of just the burden. It's a shame but it just won't work. :)

Hope this helps anyone else out of their misery, just use it on another item or vendor it if it's no upgrade. :) - Too bad.
The 535 versions of the trinkets can only be bought with coins from the vendor, you cannot get them with a burden of eternity. Its not a bug, its working as intended, otherwise there would be no point of the vendor selling the timeless versions at the same price as he sells burdens also.
The trinket (curio) can't be burdened because that would make the buyable ones obsolete. It's obvious that it's not a bug.

Shocking thing for me is, I knew about the curio/trinket but till now I didn't realise that I have to use the burden on the token (making it some kind of lottery if you get the right version) instead of using it on the item created. :/

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