Legendary Cloak Quest Line

Where do you start it and can you do it through raid finder if raiding is required?
A lot of it is from raiding, collecting drops, valor, etc. Yes you can do it all through LFR.

As for where you start it.. I honestly can't remember. Wrathion is the main NPC involved with the quests and he's near to the BMAH.
When you hit lvl 90 you can go to the Tavern in the Mists and talk to Wrathion there. This will start the whole chain.
Thanks very much
I think you have "Mysterious Note" in your mailbox once you hit 90, sending you to Wrathion at the Tavern

And yes, all raid parts are doable through LFR. Lots of parts have been nerfed, drop rates buffed, and it's generally much easier to complete now than it was at the start.

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