Legendary cloak main spec and off spec

Short and to the point I've just gotten the upgrade for the cloak and its now legendary.

I would like to know if I can buy another cloak for a diferent spec and upgrade it to legendary without it effecting my first one, and if it does effect it then how does it do so?
You can get 2 legendary cloaks for different specs, yes & upgrade them so they have the procs.
Just go to the Tavern of the Mists, there's 2 items you'll need;

1: Cloak of Virtue, 7000g
2: Thingy of the Black Prince, 87g

The thingy upgrades any Cloak of Virtue to legendary, so you can carry multiple legendaries.
Excellent, thank you for the quick clarification.
How do u upgrade i have 2nd cloak for 2nd spec but how do u upgrade it?
How do u upgrade 4/4 i mean
02/11/2014 17:14Posted by Montrak
How do u upgrade 4/4 i mean

Try shrine upgrade fellow and pay with lesser charms

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