timeless isle bosses in celestial court ???????

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hello .
can someone please explain what the rules are with these 4 timeless isle bosses please?
can I only do 1per week or all 4 once per week and what is going on with looting?

I ask because last week on 5.4 launch day I was running around like an idiot and shot at 1 of the bosses . when he eventually died I got 20 timeless coins or round about that number and for the rest of the week I got absolutely nothing from any of the 4 celestials, it did not matter if I was in a group or if I was just shooting at it from the sidelines. this week I thought I would do it properly I asked around and was told I could only do 1 boss per week so on Wednesday I joined a group and killed 1 of them and looted a pair of leggings which are very nice. today (Thursday) I took a couple of potshots at the celestial bird as I was passing (not in group obviously) and was surprised to find when the group killed it I got a bonus roll option , which I took but only got gold :-( . I thought I would try the same thing on the next boss up which was 1 I had not done or shot at this week but I did not get anything no loot ( not expecting anything) but no bonus roll. the rules do not seem to be set in stone and change randomly so could someone please have mercy on this idiot and explain what the heck is going on please . thanks very much
you can loot once and roll once. think of the celestials as one boss with different models and nametags. the reason you got loot on wednesday is because the weekly reset is on wednesdays in europe (and tuesdays in the us). this means that conquest cap, valor cap and all raid locks are released.
thank you for clearing that up for me retier :-)

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