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Pretty straight forward, I can't select my realm after selecting Europe on the redemption page, it remains grayed out. Even though the TCG has ended, we're still supposed to be able to redeem our remaining loot codes. There are two threads on the US forums, none of which have blue posts about this yet, and since I'm a European player I cannot post to these.
Hello Némon,

We have received reports about this and we're looking into it; unfortunately we're unable to provide an ETA. Your patience is appreciated.
Same problem, cannot select realm after selecting Europe.
Same problem, cannot select realm after selecting Europe.

Did you somehow miss the response right above your reply?
I read it as thanking Hagut for the solution ...
I mean, I know no-one ever thanks Hagut for anything, but there's always a first time :)
Do tell us Nimlorel. Which of us is right? ;)
Just replying here as I've edited my initial response and it could have been missed.
when is this getting fixed?
We're unable to provide an ETA at this moment. Should we have any updates, we'll let you guys know.
...getting anxious now!
same.. it's been 5 days now since this occurred. It is a mystery to me how blizzard can't fix such a easy problem.
Having this issue please just get this fixed asap i don't wanna wait several days/weeks to activate my tcg mount
Whats a Gnome gotta do to Redeem his Spectral Tiger around here? plzzzz fix soon or im gonna /Melt Down
The issue is still being investigated, and unfortunately we have no further information to give. We'll update this post as soon as we have more to share with you.
Any news? How long will it take?
I want my Spectral tiger! :-)
Please if you've resurrected the web developer, have him install a SSL certificate on the website too. Costs a few euros and would be decent considering people enter very expensive codes on the page.
Still greyed out :(
..more to this I feel. It has been mentioned on the US forums that the greyed out menu has probably been removed deliberately for some reason. Sounds a bit 'conspiracy' but menus like this are simple devices and it is undoubtedly curious as to why it is taking so long to restore.
When is this getting fixed, it seems to be working for the asian servers why not for us..

and what is an ''ETA''

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