Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart Kit Quest

Hello there

A question about the new Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart Kit Quest: Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten. This quest starts by looting Old Sign Fragment on the new timeless isle.

After checking the spot out many times and not being able to loot it i have this question

Is this item only very rarely lootable, or should it be able to picked up and is there something wrong. On Wowhead there also seems confusion about this.

(i do have 600 cooking,, learned every way of cooking, know all but 2 (i think) recipes)
It should be available to everyone. I have got it on three of my chars already. They all have cooking at max as well.
If it is unavailable to you it may be a bug, or caused by an out of date addon?
Other than that there is no reason you can't get the quest.
clearing my cache did the trick :)
I'm pretty frustrated.
I'm at max skill with every single cooking NPC, best of friends (6/6) with every one connected to the Tillers including Nomi (school bell), exalted with the tillers ofc. I've learned every single cooking recipe they have to offer. Did every quest. Got every single cooking achievement.
I've Cleared my cache, deleted all addOns and still I cant start the quest line for the Noodle cart.

any suggestions?
When you say you can't start it, do you mean you cannot accept the quest, or cannot find it, or it simply seems to be unavailable?
You seem to have taken all of the steps to get the quest so I would suggest you open a ticket. Like I said, I have it on three of my chars but was, for some unknown reason, unable to get it on a fourth. I too cleared the cache, disabled addons and so on but was still unable to get it. I ended up opening a ticket. It took them a while but they did something that allowed me to get it. Perhaps you are having the same problem?
Sorry I can't be of more help....
As far as I understand you should see a yellow exclamation mark (!) above the sign which is supposed to set you on the right track. Well its not there for me and no interaction is possible. Unless Emperor Shaohao rep above friendly is required for starting the quest line then I guess I'm stuck.

I guess I'll have to try a ticket or hope for a hot fix.
Tnx anyway :)

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