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hello people I will start off by saying this is not a "how to" guide to the timeless isle there are enough of those already I would suggest that you look at Bellular's post here and also his youtube vids which are both excellent if you are looking for that. this is just a couple of things I have found out as I navigate the Timeless isle, some I am not 100% sure about so hopefully someone a lot more knowledgeable about wow can confirm or set right my ramblings. okay here go's
1. mmo-champion wow forum> in-depth timeless isle hidden chest guide: this is an excellent post which gives you a map and co-ordinates for every treasure chest on the timeless isle. it is primarily a Tomtom macro and Paste guide which are both wow add-ons

2. Wowpedia timeless isle page is a very good site which gives a map and alphabetical list of locations for the timeless isle rares, it also lists some of the treasure chests ( but not moss-covered) hopefully these 2 sites will cut down on the "insert rare name here" WHERE??, CO-ORDS?, WHATS THAT? posts that we are getting in general chat at the moment :D.

ok now for some things I have found out whilst playing.
1.rare respawn times. I am not 100% sure about these times so please don't hunt me down in-game ( or real life please ) and kill me,
A. dread ship vazuvius is 1 hour, summoned using lantern which is looted from "Evermaw" (whale shark) a graveyard will spawn at co-ords 28-27 ( where ship spawns) which will enable you to use lantern.
B. Evermaw is also 1 hour, best place to wait for this is at the Alliance/horde camps follow/kill it with enough people it usually dies near where the Dread ship spawns. apologies in advance but I do not know how to link items into this post ( perhaps someone else can) some useful items to use when chasing evermaw are; Elixir of walking water, can be purchased at auction house if you are unable to make it yourself, it is currently selling for 865% of normal price on my server (Thunderhorn) about 30g for 2. Anglers fishing raft, this can be purchased if you are "revered" with the angler faction ( pandaria dailies) there is a water skimmer mount that you can also obtain, I think you can purchase it from anglers at "exalted " but am not 100% on that. finally , Cursed swabby helmet can be looted from pirate ship underwater near old pi'jiu it is locked so you need to loot key from nearby npcs this allows you 200% increase in swimming speed.

to be continued

c. Cinderfall Huolon are also 1 hour spawns,maybe a little less, on my server they tend to come up just before Evermaw and the Dread ship. with Huolon you have a chance of looting "thundering onyx cloud serpent"

d. the rares that spawn in/around ordon sanctuary I am not sure about as I have only been there once, I do not have the cloak necessary to get there ( but will explain how to get there without it later in this post)

e. the minor rares such as Bufo and great turtle furyshell I think are linked are linked to how many of their respective lesser types are killed e.g if everyone is killing Cranes then Emerald gander will respawn faster I am not sure about this but I have read it on other sites. Note: whilst playing yesterday Great turtle furyshell respawned in the same place 3 times in 2 minutes, not sure but think this was a bug.

ok now for some general tips.
a how to get to Ordon sanctuary, there are several ways to get there if you do not own the legendary cloak, they are , hitch a ride on an albatross you do this by inflicting damage on it , it then swoops down and picks you up. when you get to the required place you then kill it . make sure you are not over the Ordon sanctuary courtyard when you do this or you will be transported back to the Celestial court. you can also use the golden glider to get across this can be bought from 1 of the vendors at the Celestial court , although I have tried using this and have failed epically every time. you can also use the Slowfall ability if you have it or can get someone to Cast it on you. you need to be mounted to ensure you get across using this. the last two things need to be used in the same place, as you are standing on the bridge facing the sanctuary you will see a pillar/stanchion/column to your left. it is broken and you need to climb to the top of it ( it is quite tricky). when on pillar and again facing sanctuary you need to aim for the grassy area on the cliff just to the left of the bridge. there is also I think an option to use a Goblin glider, not sure about this but I think Engineers can make it. Of all these options I have found that the albatross is the easiest method.

Edit: there are people in-game that advertise transporting you across the bridge, not sure if blizzard will nerf this soon, on thunderhorn prices range from 500-1,000 gold per trip.

how to do the ropewalk weekly treasure chest. this can be a bit of a nightmare and very infuriating, you need to carefully walk across the rope accessed at the bridge just after the blazing way, before you go on bridge just on the right you will notice that the rope is tied to a support hop onto this and walk across until you are directly above the rope that crosses underneath you. face right and carefully aim to land on the lower rope then again walk until you are above the lower rope. face left and step off and walk until you are directly above the edge of the pillar that the chest is on you now need to turn 180 degrees and step off backwards to land on pillar. there is a vid on youtube that shows how to do this better than I can explain. if you do this and the weekly chest that you have to jump from pillar to pillar to get then you are able to interact with a crane statue which just over the bridge that you started the ropewalk from, on the left this shoots you into the air and gives you a chance to access a number of chests in the air. you only have 1 minute so don't admire the view after minute is up you will lose the wings you have and slowfall to earth try not to land amongst a load of elites rough co-ords for ropewalk are 60.0- 47.6 ( ok not so rough)

to be continued
how to access treasure chests on mountaintops there are 2 ways I know of to get these although the second I have only read about and not tried myself. 1. attack an albatross and hitch a ride, attack when at required location. 2 get opposite required location and swim out to fatigue area, mount up and fly as high as possible when you have empty fatigue meter aim for the treasure chest. as I said have not tried this but imagine you need to use some type of glider or slowfall for this to work.

what to spend your timeless coins on. there are a few things you can do with these 1. go to vendors at celestial court and purchase mount 100,000 coins, burden of eternity ( used to upgrade the 496 armour that you loot) 50,000 coins, a weapon for 20,000 I think it is only a lvl476 so prob better to just raid for a weapon. you can also purchase cloth/mail/leather/mail/plate timeless lvl496 armour. you cannot purchase a specific piece of armour e.g. helm only a type. you can also purchase cache keys from the npc ( cant remember its name) at the middle of the 3 grouped caves at co-ords 58-42, you purchase keys and open chests with them . this is a rip off in my opinion ( but you know what they say opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has 1 ) you have a slight chance to loot a burden of eternity, lvl 496 armour or timeless coins there is a 80% chance I think of getting less coins than you spend and the burden of eternity has been nerfed I think to an even lower chance than before. I have personally spent 22,000 timeless coins of my own and "reinvested" my winnings until I cannot buy any more keys and have yet to loot a burden of eternity. some people in game chat have said they or someone they know have looted several of them so maybe I am just unlucky. personally I will buy burdens of eternity from vendor .

to be continued.

problems I have encountered on the timeless isle. for an entire day I could not loot any bosses, I would target them and then be unable to shoot at them, the next day I would target an elite fire at it once and then be unable to do anything else, my pet wolf would also do nothing ( apart from sniff its A%$e) but the elite would go on killing me. this did not happen every time so it was pot luck as to who would kill whom. for 1 day I could not get an albatross to pick me up, there was not already a player "riding" in its jaws I checked beforehand ( one of the few that did judging from the comments in game chat) the first 2 I think could be placed at " game lags" door although I had none of these problems on launch day when there were far more people playing.

things I wish blizzard would change/nerf . 1 shaohao reputation god this is going to be a grind, at the moment the rep you get for killing npcs is to low, I know you can form/join a rep farming group but on my server on the moment there are so many groups in the game that is very hard to find and kill an npc to gain rep. I don't want this to come across as a something for nothing rant as I imagine things will quieten down in a month or so when people have got required rep. I have a couple of suggestions though a. make shaohao rep purchasable from a vendor make it expensive though along the lines of 50,000 timeless coins for 1,000 rep. have some zandalaari warscouts/bringers or a timeless isle npc equivalent so you get a chance to loot a shaohao rep token. along the same lines I am getting tired of attacking the npcs for rep only to have another player aoe him so that they get the bonus rep, the worst is that the npc keeps attacking me so I still have to kill it for no rep gain. I know some people will say it is just part of the game but I watched a post on youtube where someone worked out that you need to kill 4,200 of them to get to exalted, with me being "gazumped" by another player about 40% of the time I need to kill about 6,600 of them.
can blizzard scale the amount of npcs that are in game depending on how many people are playing. when it is quiet it is almost impossible to get from point a to b without dying I get 1 shot killed quite often as I am riding past. along the same lines particularly with those ghosts that spin when they attack, another player can be fighting it and as I pass minding my own business it spins and 1 shot kills me especially if there are 2 or more of them. the repair costs for me are unbelievable, I have had to transfer funds from my bank alt ( a first) I could understand if I was fighting these npcs but I am spending a couple of hundred gold a day just from travelling.
ok that's the end of my tips/rant. hope this proves useful to people, sorry if all is not 100% correct please post correct answers and I will edit also post any other tips or info that you have gleaned from the timeless isle

cheers, Phixxiustwo
Thank you for the tips.
It was a nice read.
Thank you Gathan.
ok guys here are a few more things that I have learned
1. a few of the rare elites have to be summoned, you do this by.. a) chelon spawns at 26-37 there is a circle of stones here that an empty turtle shell appears in if you inspect it then chelon will appear. b)karkanos who appears at 34-85 in the water just south of the village, there is a npc fishing character that appears on the pier , if you talk to him then karkanos appears. c)tsavo'ka appears in the cave at 54-42 apparently there is a bird corpse that appears outside the cave if you interact with it then he appears. d) angry sprite at 45-75 a purple crystal thing appears next to /on the large tree interact with it and he appears.

golgannar is another rare elite but he only appears once a day, I do not know if it is linked to lesser type kills or not as although as stated he only appears once a day I have seen him in the morning, afternoon and at night he spawns around 62-63.

the 4 celestial bosses that are in the celestial courtyard can only be killed once a week. that means once in total not once for each of them . think of it as being 1 boss that has 4 different bodies, saying that though you do have a bonus roll chance and you do not even need to be in a group to get it , I just shot a boss once or twice in passing and still got the bonus roll. they can drop lvl 553 (I think) armour but only legs and gloves.

finally a useful add on I have found is called handynotes if you get the core add-on and then also get the treasure chest and rare add-ons also then all the rare and chest locations will appear on your mini-map. the rare icons are on the map continuously but will change in appearance slightly when the rare is up. as you loot treasure chests they will disappear from your mini-map s you can easily keep track of what you still need to do .

well that's all i've got for now hope this once again proves useful

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