Armory Update about 5.4 boss kill

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Hi everyone, first time here, Me and My guild have problem with update kill of some boss on armory, can a Webmaster tell me what we have to do?

In game all of us have the part of the achivement for the boss, in Guild achivement we have this but no one in our guild have in armory. Pls help us.
The armory is known to be quite derpy and slow with its updates, so the best I can suggest is waiting it out till it decides to update.
the problem is only 1, other 5 guild in my server have the same problem..... and all at the same boss......
same problem here. Same server NEMESIS EU guild FORMICHE ATOMICHE

boss "paragon of the klaxxi", same boss
Paragons of the klaxxi still not updating on armory, thus also not updating on raid progress websites for some guilds. GG blizz.
This is a known issue that is currently being looked in to.

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