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As the title states, looking to get back into some HC Progression this tier. I took a break not long after downing Ra-den last tier to sort a real life schedule but have free nights sorted now. I don't really know the current state of affairs guild wise on realms hence I'm posting here hoping there is a suitable guild to be found. Before I jabber on about myself these are the nights I'm free so I'm not wasting anyones time reading:

Nights Available:
Wed, Thur, Tue or Sundays (some weeks could do all 4 depending on real life) any time after 19.30pm suits also.

Past Healing Exp: The Paladin was born in TBC, started healing HC modes in WOTLK and cleared most of the content in a mix of 10 and 25man while it was current. Cleared everything in Cata (some 25man some 10man) and MoP (all 10man) on HC while it was current. Also have good experience healing on my priest alt (can play disc or holy quite well)

Current Healing Exp: Currently I'm 2/14 HC in SoO, having helped some old guildies out in the first week of the heroics release (this when I decided to come back to raiding). So unfortunately I havn't cleared all the bosses in normal yet either as I'm currently sitting as a casual raider in a friends guild. I miss 1 or 2 bosses in normal + have progressed on Garrosh with that team to the last phase.

Horde or Alliance: Horde would be preferred (no offense Allies >.< )

10 or 25man: Would really prefer a 10man team since it's where most of my past hc healing experience has been, but won't completely rule out an opportunity with a reliable and steady 25man team

Willing to Transfer: Yes if your guild is really what I'm looking for and I won't regret paying for the xfer

I'm in my mid-twenties nearly and I enjoy having a laugh while raiding but am ready to knuckle down when we pull bosses. I'm looking for a raiding team that can also enjoy a good joke but isn't full of immature children who whine at loot etc etc. Having said that, I do want to clear the hc content while it's current but I also would rather not be in a team of elitest A-holes who just discuss tactics and min-maxing constantly.

I can bring a solid/reliable healer to your team who enjoys both PVE and PVP aspects of the game. I come prepared for each raid night with my own food/flasks/pots and know the tactics, I'm not a slacking scrub :)

Anyway, if your interested and wanna ask me more info about anything add my B-Tag : Jacqui#2319

Hey there.Glad to see people that have had hardcore experience and solid attendance raiding wise before are still around.I would be glad if we had a talk,in skype or maybe you could add my real idd.I have a very interesting offer for you and i believe our mindsets would fit for good.Expecting and hoping to hear from you.Skype is xristakis.giwrgos and real idd hgethsss@hotmail.com .
Hello there!
Please check out <Inept> Frostmane [A], currently 2/14hc, 10%ish wipe on juggernaut, 50% Nazgrim after 3 loose attempts.
And if it feels good you can always contact me:
Still looking! Read above post for info and add me on B-tag in game if your interested

Hello there!

I don't know if you are interested in a guild that is just formed, but if you are, here is some info!

We are Sublime, a guild formed by friends who have been playing together since Wrath of the Lich King. We have been playing in several high ranked guilds and we took on every challenge in the game. Now, we want to start our own guild. For the simple reason that we want to have a balance between real life and progressive raiding in World of Warcraft. What will characterize us is a hardcore attitude towards raiding on a casual schedule. 3 days a week, that's it! We think, with dedication, enthusiasm and teamwork, bosses can die fairly quickly without the need to raid 24/7. We will aim for worldranks and strive to be the best at what we do.

These are our raidingdays:

Wednesday 8pm - 12pm
Sunday 8pm - 12pm
Tuesday 8pm - 12pm

Feel free to add me on realid: Ethreal#2104. Or apply directly: sublime-guild.eu/recruitment

Éthreal - www.sublime-guild.eu
Added you

I'm Troenderfury#2923

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