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The inevitable post your UI thread. :]

^- My edit of Tukui.
Here you go.

Still need to decide what to do with the buff / debuffs.
Ez moad.

Look at it and worship it :)
Wanted to create this thread but had no decent screen :( Will post later
Not every day we get a new forum, so in honor of that I'm posting my UI just for teh luls:

Now that my main's avatar is sexy, I will no longer post on my lv 10 alt. \o/
Old screenshot but here it is anyways :>
TukUI <33


Some nice and interesting UIs here!

Mine is:

Cleaned it up a bit recently, but you get the jist. Highlight around the raid frames is telling me i have 3 stacks of HP (Holy Power, not Harry Potter), if anyone wonders.
Here is my UI

I love Tukui.
Typical of you to start a threat like this Looz :P

First image is idling in Ironforge.
Second, in a raid, out of Combat.
Third and Fourth are in combat, third showing enemy cast bar above my target (covers Target of Target health, but not their name)
Fourth just better shows name plates, though their borders are bugged atm, and showing vertical lines atm, but not usually.

Some things are not visible as such, such as boss timers, omen (located to the right of Grid, in a similar style to Skada, shown to the left of Grid)

The buttons either side of the clock are faded out of combat, (show on mouseover), only for things I haven't managed to keybind yet.

Buffs in the top right are filtered not to show buffs that are shown as bars above my own unit frame. The bars above my unit frame show short buffs such as Divine Protection, Hands, trinkets etc. The bars below my unit frame are Cooldowns, and current self missing buffs. Bars in the top left are missing raid bufs (only visible in a raid). Bars under enemy units are my Debuffs.
Here is my UI, but it's not finished yet.

Only solo screens at the moment.
Shameless copy & paste from the old forums:



Variation for my priest alt ("Now with less Pixelfonts" TM)



Nothing special, just practical. has a transparent bar that shows on mouse over to the right hand side and the system/bag tray is also transparent until mouse over.

The pala has allot of tentacle hatred after that day..
Here's mine ^^


Casting and showing focus + target:
Pre patch 4.0.1

Patch 4.0.1
Not much difference, replaced ClassTimer with Power Auras (not finished yet), removed MSBT and changed the buff addon and very a broken CD addon (R.I.P Cooling, we will miss you <3)

I haven't made any of the addons myself, but I've edited them all to my liking :]

(heals, 10man and party w/ pets)

(dps, solo... party/raid frames are huddled off in the corner somewhere)

they look kinda busy compared to others in the thread... but they work for me ;) i shift things around every now and again, it's like having new toys...

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