Pet Buffs/Debuffs

I shamelessly stole this list from TheChuckNorr on the old forum, who stole it from a cow on the NA forums, as it was faster than rewriting it.

Both deserve credit.

Pet Buffs & Debuffs:
(C) - Cunning
(T) - Tenacity
(F) - Ferocity
(E) - Exotic

Shale Spider (T)(E) - +5% stats + some resistances

Wind Serpent (C), Dragonhawk (C) - +8% magic damage taken debuff
    Ebon Plaguebringer - Unholy Death Knights
    Curse of Elements - Warlocks
    Earth and Moon - Balance Druids
    Master Poisoner - Assassination Rogues

Hyenas (F), Rhinos (T)(E), Boars (T) - +30% Bleed damage taken debuff
    Mangle - Feral Druids
    Blood Frenzy - Arms Warriors
    Hemorrhage - Subtlety Rogues

Ravagers (C), Worms (T) - +4% Physical damage taken debuff
    Brittle Bones - Frost Death Knights
    Savage Combat - Combat Rogues
    Blood Frenzy - Arms Warriors

Raptors (F), Serpents (C) - 12% Armor reduction debuff
    Sunder Armor - Warriors
    Faerie Fire - Druids
    Expose Armor - Rogue

Devilsaur (F)(E) - 10% healing reduction
    Widow Venom - Hunters
    Mortal Strike - Warriors
    Permafrost - Frost Mages
    Improved Mind Blast - Shadow priests
    Legion Strike - Demonology Warlock (Felguard minion)
    Furious Attacks - Fury Warriors
    Wound Poison - Rogue

Devilsaurs (F)(E), Wolves (F) - +5% Ranged/Melee Crit chance buff
    Leader of the Pack - Feral Druids
    Rampage - Fury Warriors
    Elemental Oath - Elemental Shamans
    Honor Among Thieves - Subtlety Rogues

Silithids (C)(E) - 468 Stamina Buff
    Power Word: Fortitude - Priests
    Commanding Shout - Warriors
    Blood Pact - Warlock (imp minion)
    Runescroll of Fortitude II- made by Inscription

Corehound (F)(E)* - 30% Haste for 40 seconds buff
    Bloodlust / Heroism - Shaman
    Time Warp - Mage

*This does cause the Insanity debuff, Exhaustion and sated by another name

Cats (F), Spirit Beasts (F)(E) - 549 Strength & Agility buff
    Battle Shout - Warriors
    Horn of Winter - Death Knights
    Strength of Earth Totem - Shaman

Bears (T), Carrion Birds(F) - 10% Physical damage dealt reduction debuff
    Demoralizing Roar - Druids (bear form)
    Demoralizing Shout - Warriors
    Scarlet Fever - Blood Death Knights
    Vindication - Prot Paladins

Corehound (F)(E), Sporebat (C) - 30% Cast speed reduction debuff
    Mind Numbing Poison - Rogues
    Slow - Arcane Mages
    Curse Of tongues - Warlock
    Snake trap - Hunters
    Necrotic strike - Deathknights

Tallstriders(F), Fox(F) - 20% attack speed reduction debuff
    Frost Fever - Death Knights
    Thunder Clap - Warriors
    Infected Wounds - Feral Druids
    Judgements of the Just - Protection Paladins
    Earth Shock - Shamans

Other Pet abilities:
    Scorpids(T), Birds of Prey(C) - Disarm
    Nether Rays(C), Moths(F), Gorillas(T) - Spell interrupt
    Rhinos(T)(E) - Knockback
    Spirit Beast(F)(E) - Minor HoT
    Bat(C), Wasp(F), Shale Spider(T)(E) - Stun
    Beetle(T), Turtle(T) - 50% damage reduction
    Warp Stalker(T), Crocolisk(T) Chimaera(C)(E) - 50% Slow
    Dog(F), Silithid(C)(E), Spider(C), Crab(T) - Root
    Monkey(C) - Disorient
    Cat(F), Spirit Beast(F)(E) - Stealth
    Bird of Prey(C), Bear(T), Fox(F) - Bonus Ability
    Chimeras(C)(E), Worm(T)(E) - AoE attack*

*Worms ability Functions as a threat drop, so cannot be used to tank

And as a request of a lvl 12 troll on the EU post: PET FLOWCHART

Spreadsheet detailing the abilities all pets have is here:
Credit to Leokul from Dunemaul for posting this further down the page.

It must also be noted that these pet buffs arent intended to stack with the player equivalents. If they do, its a bug
Very helpful to those hunters in doubt, +1
Thank you!
And for those of us who like pretty graphs:

This is what to take if your raid/group is missing any specific classes/specs, and you want to maximise your raid effectiveness.
That flowchart is really awesome. Considering I've used the same wolf from level 10 to 79, it's probably time to get some more pets. :)
Yea this list is really usefull when youre raiding
Note that that list is only a guideline, you need to adjust it for group composition. For example, 5% crit easily trumps 12% armor debuff as it benefits the entire group/raid (even healers) instead of just those that deal physical damage.

Or how as BM you will never pick silithid (+health) if a dps boost is missing, unless the tank or healer are a bit undergeared and for surivability of the tank that buff is neeed.
Sweet list, comes in very handy. Every hunter should have one of every required pet in their stable and be ready to bring any buff to a raid.
I am sad that they changed the signature ability of the Warp Stalker. I liked the Warp Ability (which worked like Shadow Step, but gave avoidance for a few seconds instead of higher damage that the Rogues get)
Very useful - Thank you
Love this post, the flow chart is so handy ill have to book mark it just to get every type of pet i need... lol
Though to be honest until Cata I will probabley be using my Corehound apart from when BL is on CD and my shiny Skoll the rest of the time...but Im still doing my own tests too see what (if any) pet is the best for dps...but I wouldnt be surprised if it just ends up being what ever is need/ prettiest :D.
Could you also add a note on the ones that stack, example, ofc bloodlust/heroism doesn't stack with the corehound one..
and does sunder stack with the abbility of any other classes?
To he honest, I don't think any of them stack with a similar player effect. They're designed not to.

If you find your pet's debuff stacking with your tank's, it's probably a bug.
Im finding the Core Hound (Ancient Hysteria) ability really helpful in heroic dungeons if a shaman isnt in the group, it can really turn the tide of any boss fight and im glad pets can provide benefits other than damage now.
Corehound (F)(E), Sporebat (C) - 30% Cast speed reduction debuff

Mind Numbing Poison - Rogues

Slow - Arcane Mages

Curse Of tongues - Warlock

Hunters Snake Trap, has a slower casting debuff.
Gah im more or less oldschool when it comes to pets... iv used one ( the tiger from Winterspring), ever since i got it, and ill get it on my Worgen aswell... but i just feel the bonding feeling between hunter and pet has dissapeared.

Not wanting to be a lackluster in Raids = having to have a ton of pets... where mostly will just be randompet82, which saddens me :(

Anyway...the Cat buff is usefull, so i can get away with using it more than the others i guess :P
This is the only spreadsheet you'll need when it comes to Pet buffs/debuffs;
Nice Job!
I have Pre-emptively updated this list for cataclysm, so I can focus on the content when it comes out

Also added in the other pets that dont necessarily provide buffs to a raid to the list at the bottom, so people who dont know where to search can find what buffs all the families provide
And Improved formatting, so its easier to read.

Please dont hesitate to post buffs or debuffs that dont appear to be on the list, Occasionally I miss stuff..
Just wondering if anyone has a pet that they would reccomend for low lvling?Going to make worgen hunter

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