Marantino Holy Pally 14/14N - 3/14H SoO LF hc Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
hello there !~!!

im haveing hard time to find a guild at this time since most of the guilds got thier healers and they are happey with them .

my knowledge of the game is very good ,Im a highly skilled player and iam always looking for ways to improve my self, ways to perform better in all circumstances. I am focusing on both parts of the game PVE and PVP , to improve my performance . As I started out with I see myself as a highly skilled player, as I perform well in raids and other events I expect everyone else around me to do the same. I don’t like to wipe constantly because some moron is standing grilling his hotdogs inside the fires. In other words, I expect people around me to play as good as they possibly can. It doesn’t only come to progress raids but farm raids as well. I very rarely slack so I expect the 24 other persons it takes to make a raid to do their best too. I don't have any problem wiping at bosses for ages with progressing on the encounter, as long as there is progress involved in the tries I am more than happy to pay my repair bills along with spending my time dying Don’t get me wrong; I also do fail some times. It is part of being a human to fail. Some does more than others as i said i have been playing WoW since release back in Feb 05, I have raided all content as heroic and have cleared TOT hc and i just CANT quit at all need to finsh SoO AS HC 2 : / tried to quit many time at lvl 60 that before 5 years ago and i passed my account to the guild leader so they can use my account if they need him .. after 2 weeks i /w him that i need to get back to the game and start playing again ..
hello :)

Origin@silvermoon is a 10 man guild we have been around since late Wotlk we are currently 3/14 hc SoO

we raid 4 days a week Wednesday Thursday Sunday and Tuesday 7pm -12 (19:00 to 00:00) server time .

you can add my battle tag for a little chat :) its Vïvicraft#2452


you can apply at :


check our progress at:

i also want to say that we started hc progress just this week and we are at the rate of one heroic boss per raid so we should end this week with 4 or 5 heroics :)
Hi Chargein,

We would like to talk to you further regarding a Holy Paladin spot we have available in our raiding team. It would be great if you could take the time to contact us in-game, battle tags for personal contact can be found at the bottom of this thread. Look forward to hearing from you :)

<Raze> is a newly merged 25 player guild on the Alonsus realm, compromising of a solid core of raiders who have experience dating back to TBC. We merged from two long standing guilds on Alonsus - <Cry Havoc> & <Group XVI>, <Raze> is simply <Cry Havoc> renamed, which was established in 2007.


Our current progression is 10/14 SoO 25.

We're looking for Skilled & Experienced players to bolster our 25 player roster, we're in particular need of the following:

- Elemental/Enhancement Shaman
- Warrior DPS
- Mage
- Balance Druid
- Shadow Priest
- Holy Paladin
- Feral Druid

We are always open to recruiting exceptional players, please do not hesitate to contact us if your role is not listed; we may be able to accommodate you.

What you can expect from us:

- 3 raid nights a week (Wednesday, Thursday & Monday - 1945-2300 ST)
- A stable and experienced raiding team
- A friendly and helpful community of current and ex raiders
- Lots of fun on guild chat and Mumble :D

What we expect:

- Strong class knowledge, you need to know how to get the maximum out of your class and survive in a heroic raiding environment
- Suitably Geared 520+
- Reliability. We try to keep our rotation for the raids to a minimum and for that we require everybody to have a attendance of higher than 80%
- Maturity and ability to give and accept constructive feedback

Do not hesitate to contact myself, another officer in-game or review our website if you have any queries.

On behalf of the Officer Team, we look forward to hearing from you,
Khoric & Quetrix.

World of Logs:
Guild Website:

Personal Contact
Khoric (Frostbyte#2361)
Quetrix (Beherit#2327)
Hey there.Glad to see people that have had hardcore experience and solid attendance raiding wise before are still around.I would be glad if we had a talk,in skype or maybe you could add my real idd.I have a very interesting offer for you and i believe our mindsets would fit for good.Expecting and hoping to hear from you.Skype is xristakis.giwrgos and real idd .

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