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Welcome to the Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #1 Thread, where your gear is scaled down and the purples don't matter.
Just like having 15 people for a 25-man raid.

I'd just like to remind everyone that mentioning these threads in your local trade chat, to friends, guildies, in livestream chats, etc., it helps build the community here. There are constantly people cycling in, but there are also those of us that are done and leaving.
Keep the threads alive by advertising us!

Throw out some posts like this one to advertise
"Interested in Bronze, Silver, or Gold Challenge Mode runs? Check out the 'Cross Realm Challenge Mode Finder (5)' thread over on the Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios section of the Official WoW Forums."

That being said, for new folk.
Check out for general Challenge Mode info, and Challenge Mode Gold run guides; or search for runs on YouTube to get a general idea of the instances.
General requirements are Buff consumables (Stat food, Flasks, Stat Potions), as well as Lesser Invisibility Potion / Invisibility Potion when pushing for Silvers/Gold, voice communication, and some time to dedicate to the runs. If you're pushing for Silver or Gold, it might take some time. Just be willing/able to give it your attention for a while.

When posting to look for a group, mention a few things.
Such as,
Horde or Alliance
Times when you're available
Which instances / Medals you're looking for
Experience in Challenge Modes / other creditable things
Your Battletag
An armory to the toon you plan to run with (If not posting from that toon)
It should look something like this:
Disc Priest
Looking for all dungeons
0/9, but former HC raid experience

Feel free to add anyone who posts under this forum. Credits for this piece of writing goes to a US player.
DK Tank or Brm Monk or Prot Pala or Warlock and Heal Monk or Hunter and Hunter
Evenings/Weekends, maybe Afternoons
Looking for all dungeons on MULTIPLE characters
9/9, lots of HC raiding experience


We are currently looking for some more ppl to join our challenge mode group.
Our intent was to do them on multiple characters mostly for the mount and transmog gear, we don't intend to strive for high rankings.
Languagewise, German would be prefered, but English works as well.
For the times, usually the runs would be during the weekends and evenings, from time to time even during an afternoon if everyone is available.

We currently have:
-Me: Blood DK, Brewmaster Monk, Prot Paladin, Warlock
-Monk Heal or Hunter

As we all have experience in challenge modes, have highend raiding experience, or both, we are looking for people with a similar experience, but if you haven't done any challenge modes but are good on your class/role, you can still contact us and maybe get your first experience with us.

Btag: rhapso#2688

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
So long,

Most days during the day/evening. Raiding thursday sunday monday tho
Im currently looking for Scarlet halls, scholomance and jade serpent. Would prefer not having to do all 9 to get it but i guess i can do it if its a good group.

I dont mind joining in on a boostrun and skipping payment ofc

Would also prefer not to join a fresh starting group just stepping into cms

Completed 9/9 on 2 diffrent chars, been selling runs since february from the posting char and have a few hundred clears as experience.

English/swedish speaking, vent skype etc
^^ Shaman im looking to complete

Btag: Finger#2605
nice thread. But if ppl are looking for a group for cm's, I suggest you check out Openraid, groups forming there all the time and there is events for it as well. Bigger chance of findig ppl there I think.
holy paladin looking for group chrisando#2878
Faction: Alliance
Class/Specc: Frost Mage
Available: All the time
Got 5/9 on this character. (Need Stormstout, Mogu, Scholomance and Scarlet Halls)
9/9 Gold Experience, Been playing since vanilla
Battletag: Oscar#2593
Frost mage, Alliance LF 9/9 gold. I
I have 2/9 on Gold.
I've played since TBC.
Atm This is the thing i Want to do at most.
Battletag: Karaya#2360
Willing to give This alot of time.
Im 556 ilvl, so i'm not a bad PVE player.
Combat Rogue
Any time.
9/9 Gold
No CM experience, but previous HC raiding + Proven Assailant.
Faction:Alliance LF 9/9.
Class/Specc:Frost mage
Available:Pretty much all the time.
Got 1/9Gold(Mogu'shan)1/9Silver(Jade seprpent)1/9Bronze(Scarlet Halls)
Faction: Alliance
Class: Unholy DK
Availability: It varies from week to week.
Exp: 7/9 and a raider with decent raiding environment raiding.
What I need: Am just after SM and MSP gold medals.
Battle tag: kobi#2221
Faction: Alliance
Class: Druid ( resto/ cat)
Availability : any time
Exp: 2x 9/9 gold chars (war / lock) doing on my druid as 3rd char(5/9)
Remaning CM's : temple of jade / Gates of setting sun / siege of niuzao / scarlet monastery.

Note: this is my first druid , completing this will go on 2nd druid which is Ruae - silvermoon. looking for a proper group to get more gold's.
Faction: Alliance
Class: Frost / Fire Mage
Availability: anytime
Want all Gold for transmog gear
Have Vent / TS3 / Skype if needed.
Will get everythings needed.

Battletag: Quizaw#2506
Blood / Frost DK +Engineering
aiming Gold, progression: 2/9 as TANK
have inv pot, flasks, food etc
Blood DK
Every evening
Looking for all dungeons
Have flasks, food, pots
2 bronzes, 1 silver
Blood Death Knight/Guardian Druid
Every evening and all day weekends.
Looking for 9/9
Experience is 9/9 on this character with 2 Challenge Masters (Realm best)
Surv hunter or BM/WW monk
Weekend during day or evenings
LF 9/9
have 9/9 on ele shaman and frost dk
Arms warrior
Every day
LF 9/9
Have only 1 silver but i have watched alot of guides and know what to do on most of them.
Faction: Alliance
Class/Specc: Survival hunter
Available: All the time
EXP: 5x 9/9 gold
Battletag: yuhagarona#2365

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