Cataclysm: Getting Started FAQ (Upd 07-11-10)

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The time is nigh, the Cataclysm draws close! This topic is about the most common questions asked when playing the Cataclysm Beta. Inside you will find answers given to those questions.

I will try to make this as easy to read as possible, and use the template of Schwick’s TBC FAQ from back in the days.


Q = Question
A = Answer
N = Note


- 1. Intro (page 2)
- 2. General (page 2)
- 3. Levelling/Talents/Skills/Class (page 3)
- 4. New Azeroth (page 3)
- 5. Mounts (page 4)
- 6. Dungeons (page 5)
- 7. Loot, Emblems and Points (page 5)
- 8. PVP (page 5)
- 9. Professions (page 6)
- 10. Goblin (page 6)
- 11. Worgen (page 7)
- 12. Misc (page 7)

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1.1 Q: Cataclysm?

    1.1 A: The coming expansion for World of Warcraft. The Beta inviting has begun and the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) has gone, meaning that you can post whatever you want about it wherever you want.

1.2 Q: How do I know if I am invited to the closed beta?

    1.2 A: First of all you have to opt-in for the beta. You do this by logging in to and click ‘Beta Profile Settings'. If you are invited, you will get a mail from Blizzard Entertainment, telling you to log in at After you are invited, you can see the Cataclysm Beta appear in your games list.

1.3 Q: I have opted-in but I haven’t got an invite. Does that mean I will never get one?

    1.3 A: Blizzard will probably not send out more beta invitations, as the release date is set.

1.4. Q: I have the Cataclysm Beta, does that mean I don’t have to buy the game?

    1.4. A: You still have to buy the game when it is released.

1.5 Q: When will the game be released?

    1.5 A: December 7th 2010.

1.6 Q: Can I download the client even if I don’t have a key? Is it illegal?

    1.6 A: Yes, you can, but you will not be able to play. It is perfectly legal to download it.

1.7 Q: Will I need the expansion to be able to experience the Cataclysm changes?

    1.7 A: When the Cataclysm occurs, it will occur for all players, whether they have purchased the expansion or not--you will no longer be to play in the original version of Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms. However, certain features such as the new zones, new races, and new level cap will only be accessible to players who purchase the expansion.


2.1 Q: Which zones are changed?

    2.1 A: The entire ‘Vanilla Azeroth’ (meaning Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor) is changed. Some zones more than others, but every zone is.

2.2 Q: Which new race+class combinations will be available?

    2.2 A:
    Dwarf: Mage, Shaman, Warlock
    Gnome: Priest
    Human: Hunter
    Night Elf: Mage

    Blood Elf: Warrior
    Orc: Mage
    Tauren: Paladin, Priest
    Troll: Druid, Warlock
    Forsaken: Hunter

2.3 Q: Will there be any changes to the classes as we know them?

    2.3 A: Yes. Here is a list of posts where you can find information on each class.
    Shaman - April 7:
    Warlock - April 7:

    Priest - April 8:
    Warrior - April 8:

    Death Knight - April 9:
    Rogue - April 9:
    Hunter - April 9:

    Druid - April 10:
    Mage - April 10:

    Paladin - April 14:

2.4 Q: Which new 5-player instances will be released with Cataclysm?

    2.4 A:
    - Vortex Pinnacle (VP) 80-82
    - The Stonecore (SC) 81-83
    - Abyssal Maw (ABY/AM) 81-83
    - Throne of the Tides (ToT) 82-84
    - Lost City of Tol'vir (LCoT) 84-85
    - Blackrock Caverns (BC) 85
    - Grim Batol (GBD) 85
    - Halls of Origination (HoO) 85

    All these instances will have heroic modes designed for players at level 85. In addition, two old instances will have heroic modes. Those are:

    - Shadowfang Keep (SFK HC) 85 Heroic
    - Deadmines (DM HC) 85 Heroic


3.1 Q: Which level 80+ zones are there, and which are the level requirements and suggested levels?

    3.1 A:
    The zone level requirements are still unconfirmed, but this is how it is in the current beta build:
    - Vashj'ir (80-82)
    - Hyjal (80-82)
    - Uldum (83+)
    - Twilight Highlands (83+)
    - Tol Barad (85)

3.2 Q: Which are the new starting areas for Goblins & Worgens?

    3.2 A:
    - Isle of Kezan (1-6)
    - Lost Isles (6-15)

    - Gilneas (1-6)
    - Gilneas (6-15)

3.3 Q: Do I get rested XP at level 80?

    3.3 A: Yes, you do. You will not get rested XP at level 80 until you buy and upgrade your game with a Cataclysm key, though.

3.4 Q: How long will it take to get from 80 to 85?

    3.4 A: You shouldn't worry about that; time flies when you have fun!

3.5 Q: What is this new 'Mastery System'?

    3.5 A: The Mastery system is a new game mechanic added to the talent system in Cataclysm. As you spend points in a talent tree, you will receive passive talent tree bonuses (previously known as mastery bonuses). For the tree with the most points in it you will receive additional gains passively from the mastery system. Each character only gains passive talent tree bonuses from one talent tree. This system will replace some of the current stats on gear as well as some of the "passive" talents found in the game during the WotLK expansion. Additionally, there is a mastery stat, which improves the talent tree's third bonus. Equipment with Mastery Rating will increase the efficiency of your Class+Race combination's mastery. A lot of info about this new system can be found here:

3.6 Q: How will the talent trees look in Cataclysm?

    3.6 A: Each talent tree will be reduced to 31 points. You will gain one talent point every two levels you reach.

3.7 Q: Why are Blizzard changing the talent trees?

    3.7 A: Blizzard would rather have a simpler design with a lot of depth, than a complicated but shallow design. The goal for Cataclysm remains to remove a lot of the passive or lame talents, which will not be possible with the current size of the trees. This thread explains this in detail:


4.1 Q: Which zones has been changed?

    4.1 A: All zones have been changed! Not every zone has been changed much, but all have.

4.2 Q: So which zones has been changed most drastically, then?

    4.2 A:
    - Desolace: From a dead, depressive and grey land – to a garden in full blossom with pure nature and lush oasises and more.
    - Darkshore: Auberdine has been broken and the Horde is pushing harder into this zone. Massive cyclones has appeared.
    - The Barrens: Shattered into two halves by a lava river. The zone will be changed into two zones; Northern Barrens and Southern Barrens. Northern Barrens will have about the same level range as the current Barrens, but the Southern Barrens will have a somewhat higher level range, approximately 30-35.
    - More TBA

4.3 Q: At which level can I start leveling in the new high-end zones?

    4.3 A: You can go to Hyjal and Vashj'ir at level 80, and start from there.

4.4 Q: Does the ‘New Azeroth’ hold any new outdoor bosses?

    4.4 A: Not as far as I know at the moment. I find it highly unlikely that they will add any, after what they said about world bosses after TBC.

4.5 Q: What will happen to the existing outdoor bosses?

    4.5 A: Azuregos will probably be removed from the game. WoWwiki has some information on the Emerald drakes, here's a quote: "Ysondre is the last of the Dragons of Nightmare, and although she has been saved from the nightmare, she states she can never return to the green dragonflight. Emeriss and Lethon are already dead; Ysondre helps players kill Taerar during a quest chain in Feralas."

4.6 Q: Where can I find location X in place Y?

    4.6 A: You should check out Type in the name of location X and it will give you an article about the place, as well as info on which zone it is in and exact coordinates within that zone.

5.1 Q: Can I use flying mounts in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor?

    5.1 A: Yes, you can.

5.2 Q: Can I use my flying mount in Azeroth right away, or do I need to learn yet another riding skill?

    5.2 A: MMO-Champion has released information on a new 'Skill' that they found in the current beta build called Azerothian Flying. Whether or not it is going to be implemented in the game at release is still unknown.

5.3 Q: Will all 280% flying mounts scale to 310% when a 310% mount is earned, or will only purchased mounts do so?

    5.3 A: In Cataclysm, you can learn a new rank of flying that lets all flying mounts move at 310% (even current 280% mounts).

5.4 Q: Will we ever be able to ride faster than 310%?

    5.4 A: Blizzard’s words: “That will probably be as fast as mounts will ever get. We don't like it that when you get a 310% mount that you stop using your old ones.”

5.5 Q: Which will be the goblin- and worgen racial mounts?

    5.5 A: The ideas are not final, but according to the current version of the beta, Goblins will ride cars. The Worgen boar mount idea is sc#!@!d; the Worgens will now get a racial skill, 'Planesrunning', that allows them to walk quickly on four feet, instead of riding a mount.

5.6 Q: Does that mean that the Horde gets new mounts, while the Alliance does not?

    5.6 A: Yes.


6.1 Q: Which new 5-player instances are there?

    6.1 A: Answered in 2.3;
    - Vortex Pinnacle (VP) 80-82
    - The Stonecore (SC) 81-83
    - Abyssal Maw (ABY/AM) 81-83
    - Throne of the Tides (ToT) 82-84
    - Lost City of Tol'vir (LCoT) 84-85
    - Blackrock Caverns (BC) 85
    - Grim Batol (GBD) 85
    - Halls of Origination (HoO) 85

6.2 Q: Will all the 5-player instances have heroic difficulties?

    6.2 A: Yes. In addition, we will see heroic difficulties of the ‘classic’ instances ‘Deadmines’ and ‘Shadowfang Keep’.

6.3 Q: Which new 10/25-player raids will be released?

    6.3 A: Answered in 2.4;
    - Bastion of Twilight (BoT)
    - Throne of the Four Winds (TFW)
    - Blackwing Descent (BD)
    - Firelands (FL/FIRE)

6.4 Q: Will all raids have heroic difficulties?

    6.4 A: I can’t say yet if all will have heroic difficulties, but I assume they will.

6.5 Q: I heard something about raids being on some ‘Elemental Plane’, what is this?

    6.5 A: The Elemental Plane is the prison plane constructed by the titans in the Twisting Nether, where they imprisoned the elementals millions of years ago, after they defeated the Old Gods.

6.6 Q: Which instances will be on the ‘Elemental Plane’?

    6.6 A:
    - Firelands
    - Throne of the Four Winds
    - Abyssal Maw

6.7 Q: Does any instance or raid require an attunement/key?

    6.7 A: Not as far as I know at the moment, more info will be added. I’ve heard rumors that you have to complete the normal difficulty of every raid and instance before you can go there in heroic difficulty, but I can’t confirm that yet.

6.8 Q: Which instance requires resistance gear?

    6.8 A: Not known at the moment. However, Blizzard has said during development of TBC that resistance won’t play a big role in the future. We’ve seen that in WotlK, as the only raid effectively requiring any resistance at all is Naxxramas (Sapphiron).


7.1 Q: Can we expect to have an emblem system equal to the one we have today?

    7.1 A: No. The emblem system that we know today will be changed from the current badges/emblems to a more straightforward point system, similar to the ones we’ve seen for a while for Arenas and Battlegrounds. We will have two tiers of Dungeon/Raid emblems;
    Hero Points -- Low-tier, easier-to-get PVE points. Maximum cap to how many you can own, but no cap to how quickly you can earn them. Earned from most dungeons. (most like the current Emblem of Triumph)
    Valor Points -- High-tier, harder-to-get PvE points. Maximum cap to how many you can own, as well as a cap to how many you can earn per week. Earned from Dungeon Finder daily Heroic and from raids. (most like the current Emblem of Frost)

7.2 Q: Will the Honor Point/Arena Point system look like it does today?

    7.2 A: With the ‘Rated Battleground’ system coming, the Arena Points and Rated BG Points will be merged into one point type. The new Arena/Rated BG points will be called ‘Conquest Points’. The Honor Points will stay as they are today.

7.3 Q: Will it be possible to trade in PvE points with PvP points?

    7.3 A: Yes. Blizzard plan to have a way to convert Honor points (PvP) into Hero points (PvE), and vice versa, at a loss. The conversions will be possible, but it won't be a 1:1 rate, and you'll have fewer points after the conversion process. We won't allow the higher tiers to be exchanged for each other, however.

7.4 Q: Will a new type of emblems/points be released when a new tier of gear comes, or a new arena season starts?

    7.4 A: No. The point system with Hero Points and Valor Points will stay as it is from release to the very end of the expansion. However, when a new tier of gear is released, your high-tier emblems will be changed into low-tier emblems, to make it more difficult to get the new gear.


8.1 Q: Will Cataclysm bring any new battlegrounds?

    8.1 A: Yes! At the moment, two new battlegrounds are known:
    - Battle for Gilneas: As the Forsaken marches south into Gilneas, the Worgens need help from the Alliance to defend their city.
    - Twin Peaks: This battleground will pit the Alliance, with the Wildhammer clan, against the Horde, backed by the Dragonmaw clan.

8.2 Q: I heard rumors about a battleground named ‘Azshara Crater’. Will this be released with Cataclysm?

    8.2 A: Azshara Crater was planned as a future Battleground located in Azshara. It was likely to be in southern Azshara, in the Forlorn Ridge. Since the goblins have strip mined the Forlorn Ridge into oblivion, it is now likely that the Battleground will never be added.

8.3 Q: Will we see any World-PvP zones like Wintergrasp?

    8.3 A: Tol Barad will be an outdoor PvP zone much like Wintergrasp. Unlike Wintergrasp however, Tol Barad will also be the main daily quest hub in Cataclysm. By taking control of the Tol Barad Prison, players will gain access to additional, very profitable daily quests.
    to be in southern Azshara, in the Forlorn Ridge. It was intended to work in a similar fashion to Alterac Valley. It is unknown what the specific goals of the battlefield would have been. Since the goblins have strip mined the Forlorn Ridge into oblivion, it is now likely that the Battleground will never be added.

8.4 Q: Jeez, does that mean I have to ride those darn vehicles for another two years?

    8.4 A: Blizzard has said that there will be less focus on vehicles in the future. They want more of the ‘good ol’ Player versus Player’ and less of the ‘player versus catapult’.

8.5 Q: Can we expect to see new arenas?

    8.5 A: New arenas are planned to be added with the expansion, but not directly at the release.

8.6 Q: Will we have outdoor PvP objectives yielding buffs like we had in Eastern Plaguelands, Silithus and all the Outland zones?

    8.6 A: Not as far as I know at the moment. More info will come when I know.

8.7 Q: Are there any PvP free for all areas? (Even on PvE)

    8.7 A: The Ring of Trials in Nagrand is still there. I don’t know if they will change the Gurubashi Arena, nor if they will add any new PvP free for all areas.


9.1 Q: Will any new professions be added with Cataclysm?

    9.1 A: There will be no new primary professions, but another secondary profession, Archeology, will be added.

9.2 Q: What is Archeology?

    9.2 A: Taken from WoWwiki:
    - Intended as a casual profession for players to enjoy in their "downtime".
    - Focused on locating, piecing together, and appraising artifacts unearthed by the Cataclysm.
    - Interacting with an artifact you find is similar to other gathering professions. It has been specifically stated that you will be able to track both Artifacts and your regular "tracking" for gathering professions. Instead of tracking individual nodes, you will instead search marked regions.
    - Artifacts will go into a new artifact journal instead of your inventory.
    - Placing an artifact in your journal will allow you to "study" it and progressively unlock new rewards.
    - Unlocks unique rewards such as vanity pets, mounts, and other "toys", with occasional rare quality weapons or armor.
    - Players will be able to read ancient runes found amidst ruins and in dungeons to provide themselves and other players with buffs.
    - Some items and discoveries will be heavily geared towards expanding the game's lore, filling in plot holes, and documenting the history of the world as it was before the Cataclysm. Players will reportedly be able to compile what amounts to a lore database.
    - A mock-up of the Archaeology interface is presented as a hand-written journal, with a listing of artifacts, relics, and related reagents and tasks, as well as artwork and a description for each relic. Artifacts are also given a "black market value", indicating that they can perhaps be sold for profit. There has been an indication that your journal may come with some form of "mini-game" to study findings.

9.3 Q: I heard that Archeology will affect something called ‘Path of the Titans’, what is that?

    9.3 A: Archaeology was originally intended to allow advancement in Path of the Titans system, and would have reportedly awarded players with Ancient Glyph slots and recipes. The Path of the Titans system has been sc*!!*d and will not be released!

9.4 Q: Will I be able to level my profession skills higher than the current cap of 450?

    9.4 A: Yes, the new cap will be 525.

9.5 Q: Wow, 525?! That’s a lot, and it will take ages to get there!

    8.5 A: Worry not, when you craft or gather something that is orange (difficulty color, dependent on your current skill level), you have a chance to gain two levels at the same time.

9.6 Q: Will we see more sub-professions, like ‘Potion Master’ or ‘Dragon Leatherworking’?

    9.6 A: No, rather the opposite; Sub professions will be removed, every crafter can craft everything within their profession.

9.7 Q: I have a whole lot of questions about professions, what shall I do?

    9.7 A: Ask the gnome. Lobotomy is in the Professions forum.


10.1 N: The goblins of Kezan will be the new Horde playable race implemented in Cataclysm.

10.2 Q: Which racial abilities do the goblins have?

    10.2 A: The racial ablilities are:
    - Rocket Jump (2 min cooldown)
    - Rocket Barrage (2 min cooldown, shared with Rocket Jump)
    - Time is Money (passive)
    - Best Deals Anywhere (passive)
    - Pack Hobgoblin (30 min cooldown)
    - Better Living through Chemistry (passive)

10.2 Q: What is Rocket Jump?

    10.2 A: “Activates your rocket belt to jump forward.” Works almost like Rocket Boots.

10.3 Q: What is Rocket Barrage?

    10.3 A: Launches your belt rockets at an enemy, dealing X-Y fire damage. (24-30 at level 1; 1654-2020 at level 80)

10.4 Q: What is Time is Money?

    10.4 A: Cash in on a 1% increase to attack and casting speed.

10.5 Q: What is Best Deals Anywhere?

    10.5 A: Always receive the best discount regardless of faction standing.

10.6 Q: What is Pack Hobgoblin?

    10.6 A: Calls in your personal servant, allowing you bank access for 1 min.

10.7 Q: What is Better Living through Chemestry?

    10.7 A: Alchemy skill increased by 15 (and you gain bonuses for healing/mana potions you made; 25% more mana/hp from potions).

10.8 Q: Which classes can a Goblin be?

    10.8 A: The goblins can be:
    - Mage
    - Priest
    - Rogue
    - Warlock
    - Warrior
    - Shaman
    - Hunter
    - Death Knight


11.1 N: The Worgen will be the new Alliance playable race implemented in Cataclysm.

11.2 Q: Which racial abilities do the Worgens have?

    11.2 A:
    - Darkflight (3 min cooldown)
    - Viciousness (passive)
    - Flayer (passive)
    - Two Forms (1.5 sec cooldown)

11.3 Q: What is Darkflight?

    11.3 A: Activates your true (wolf) form, increasing movement speed by 70% for 6 sec.

11.4 Q: What is Viciousness?

    11.4 A: Increases all damage done by 1%.

11.5 Q: What is Flayer?

    10.5 A: Skinning skill increased by 15, removes the requirement of having a skinning knife and increases skinning speed.

11.6 Q: What is Two Forms?

    11.6 A: Turn into your currently inactive form (wolf/human).

11.7 Q: Which classes can a Worgen be?

    11.7 A: The Worgens can be:
    - Mage
    - Priest
    - Rogue
    - Warlock
    - Warrior
    - Druid
    - Hunter
    - Death Knight

12 – MISC

12.1 N: Useful User-Written Forum Links:

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Thanks for reading this Cataclysm FAQ! Anything you want to ask about? Send me an e-mail!

AGAIN: I know General Discussion might not be the place for this, but I just felt like copying it from the old forums, and there's no Cataclysm forum here! Please move it if you feel it fits better somewhere else!
Holy crap! Just must've put a lot of time in that thing :P I love it lol.
Holy crap! Just must've put a lot of time in that thing :P I love it lol.

Oh trust me, I did! I wrote it back in the beginning of the Cataclysm Beta Testing (05-Jul), and I've updated it ever since :)
Thanks for the FAQ, but "Worgen" (plural) is misspelled again. The plural of "Worgen" is "Worgen", without s. The same for: Draenei, Tauren and Undead (or Forsaken) ("Undead" and "Forsaken" are actually adjectives). The context must make clear whether the singular or the plural is meant.
Another great guide Lethan, upgoated!
Cool guide Lethan!
Thanks for the FAQ, but "Worgen" (plural) is misspelled again. The plural of "Worgen" is "Worgen", without s. The same for: Draenei, Tauren and Undead (or Forsaken) ("Undead" and "Forsaken" are actually adjectives). The context must make clear whether the singular or the plural is meant.

Woah, thanks! I will edit my post once the editing bug is gone! :)

Thanks everybody else as well! \o
Lovely, the editing bug is gone! I'll start editing this again, very Soon™
I /salute you Lethan!
You've answered more questions in one place than I could find elsewhere.

Keep up the good work!
where can i find the stats for the goblin race please?... i would like to see them before i make a decision on which class i choose to create...

That is some bad necro right there
Think you mean grave digger.
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Think you mean grave digger

Archaeology more like.

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