The Dreadsteed appreciation thread

Hello all fellow Warlocks!

As we all know, we are the proud owners of the most awesome mount in the game, the Dreadsteed. So, please post your love about the Felsteed/Dreadsteed.

Also, the Dreadsteed of Xoroth questline was one of the most fun quests in the game, because of the story behind it, so i advice everyone to do it! (if they still can, because i heard something about class quests being removed.)

Please don't flame me or anyone in this thread :)

P.S.: You're probably thinking like; "Why is this Warlock acting so friendly and nice?! This is not how Warlocks are supposed to behave!! BAD WARLOCK!!" Well i use this technique as a disguise to distract my enemies. I hope this has cleared some confusion!

Cheers! :)
For the Dreadsteeds!
Class quests were removed in 4.0.1

Personally, I didn't do the questline (was halfway through it) and was hugely dissapointed when realized it was removed. GM confirmed it to me.
Well, I guess that's a warning and a good lesson to me for slacking - rerolled lock last year and didn't bother doing the questline because I though I had plenty of time...

Did the questline back when MC was the pro !*** :P bought the stuff aswell didn't get boosted but have since boosted a number of locks through one of the coolest quest events in game.
I did the questline on my first Warlock, never bothered on this one.

It is indeed very cool, although at the time, I couldn't get over how damn expensive the materials needed to complete it were.
I did the quest back in vanilla when it cost a lot of gold (more so than buying 100% mount speed) and it was the most epic quest ever :)
Blizzard should never have changed it except to make the quest scale with the level cap. An awesome mount like that needed to be earned and still should be.
Throughout the first post I was waiting for a:
"DONT REPORT ANYTHING. I might get in trouble"
As I recall, myself and a fellow Undead Warlock were the first to complete the chain Horde side (as I was back then) on Arathor. Good times indeed, especially given how damn challenging Dire Maul (W) was at the time. Made a fair few friends on that late night run...
Still remember doing the quest line, did it a year in TBC so it was nearly impossible to get a group together for the old dungens, after much work i finaly managed to get a Scholomance group together with went fine, but when i got to Dire Maul the group broke appart after we killed first boss (They thoght we where only there for the pala quest), so I was stuck in a dungen I didn't want to leave becuase of reset and in need of an awesome group xD With the help of a friend I did manage to get a group together without leaving, just to fail horrible on the first pull T.T Ended up with getting help from my 70 druid friend, but was still such a pain, espacily the end ritual where we nearly wiped. But still this was the most awesome quest I have ever done and the dreadsteed remains my trusted mount =p
Ah it was good fun indeed, I was quite poor at the time so had help collecting the various bits needed. Thank you then guild mates! I still have the summoning materials.

The Doomgaurd quest was also brilliant, I remember soloing all of it (even DM) apart from the final doomgaurd you need to enslave.
I also did the Dreadsteed questlin and i must say it was abso-f***-lutely amazing!
Before any expansions were released Warlocks were Blizzards little child. Even the Felwood questline where you would get the only scythe weapon in game at the time was very fun. Especially at the end when you had to fight the Chicken of Doom :P
Great quest, did it as soon as possible with few friends helping me. Loved it <3
Did it back in vanilla, it definitely was one of the better quests of its time. That last fight is still ranked in the top most entertaining 5-man bossfights in my book. I didn't like the art in the beginning, until I started paying attention to the details of it. Like how its "armor" isn't actually armor but actually skin. The scales that are really only visible up-close etc. I still prefer the felsteed art and would use that instead if blizzard ever decides to let us upgrade our ground speed like we upgrade our air speed now, but eh.

I used my dreadsteed from then till now, only in BG's I'd use a regular mount due to the risk of getting locked out of shadow while mounting up. I gotta admit though I'm starting to look at different mounts now, but alas and alack that stupid horseman mount still eludes me for 2 years running now.
I still prefer the felsteed art and would use that instead if blizzard ever decides to let us upgrade our ground speed like we upgrade our air speed now, but eh.

They've done exactly that - if you've got the Journeyman Riding skill, all your land mounts will move at 100%
It was definetely one of the better questlines, I did it a long time ago by now so I cannot remember everything, but still, I was a bit of a noob when I did it and it felt pretty epic back then.
Oh man this brings me back, I had to pay like 500g for that mount. That seemed like an enormous amount of money at the time.

Dreadsteed stopped being cool when it became virtually free(TBC+).
I prefer the felsteed more. I like its even skin tone, the raised veins, the understated fieryness. Mmm. I use that now. I think it's also 'darker' and more subtle than the dreadsteed, which is more in-your-face powerful. Ironic really, seeing as I'm destro :P
One of the most enjoyable quest chains I've ever done, thank goodness I did it back when it was possible!
To me it will always be the most fun and the most epic quest chain I ever got to experience in WoW, period. Alas I haven't used the poor guy in months, but looking at this thread I just might go back to using it for old times sake, atleast for awhile. (since the damn ZG raptor won't prolly drop anyway before it goes away)
Shameless rip-off of Kralnor's staff thread. >:/
I love my Felsteed.
That's right, Felsteed.
It's just so elegant.

I did the feat on my 60 lock, one of the best quest chains I've ever had the pleasure to be in. The final battle remains one of my favourites.
Very sad to see it go.
Also, unfortunately, and I tried, even if one had the items and the quest; in order to recover a node during the final summon, you'd need a soul shard as reagent. An actual soul shard :P

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