Warcraft related jokes. (Keep them clean)

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Your mom is so fat, when a rogue shadowstepped her, he got loading screen...
Your mum's so fat, when she logs into WoW she automatically gets World Explorer.

hahaha, fantastic :D
Your mum's so fat, she got stuck in the Dark Portal - from the Draenor side.

And an oldie but a goodie: What do rogues and noobs have in common? They both pick locks!
A Tauren, a Blood Elf and a Forsaken are caught by bandits in tanaris and stripped of their gear, then told to march through the sands to Gadgetzan. The bandits point them to the desert, keeping guns aimed at the three as they say: "We're not completely heartless. You can pick one food item to bring with you for the trip across the sands."
The tauren says "Okay then, I'll bring a melon. It is lightweight, nourishing and full of fluids. My best bet to make it across alive." So the pirates give him a melon and force him to march.
The Blood Elf frowns at the tauren and says "I'll take a coconut then. Easier to carry and with the same nourishing values as a melon." He is also given his choice and forced to walk.
The Forsaken looks at the disappearing forms of the tauren and blood elf, then at the tracks they leave in the sands, then at the sun above, and says "I'll just have a fork, please."
Whats the difference between new character models and the end of the world.

End of the world is going to happen eventually.
Some old(ish) ones:

How many Blizzard Employees does it take to fix a lightbulb?
Why? It is working as intended.

What do you call it if paladins and druids share a bath?
A HoT tub with Bubbles.

How many rogues does it take to kill a paladin?
Two. One to ambush him, one to wait at his hearthstone location.

Yo momma so fat, she fell off her flight to Silithus and created the Un'goro crater.

Yo momma so fat, mages need to grease up their portals and summon a table on the other side to get her through.

Yo momma so ugly, her racial passive is 'fear'.
Why do devs always fail at gymnastics?
They suck at balancing.

Why did the mage have sore eyes?
Because his blink didn't do anything.

How do you solve famine, poverty, war, epidemic diseases and natural disasters?
Resilience will fix it.

5.4 Warriors
What do Rogues and noobs have in common ?
They both pick locks
Troll - "They say if you cut off an extremity, it'll grow back a little bigger... don't believe it!"

my favourite /silly of all time :D
Troll - "They say if you cut off an extremity, it'll grow back a little bigger... don't believe it!"

my favourite /silly of all time :D

Pure win :)

A stealthed rogue walks into a bar.
A nearby mage sneezes.
The rogue appears and says "OMG! Nerf level 1 AoE".

Nice pants, baby. What's the drop rate?


Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Interupting Tauren.
Interupting Tauren W....


A dwarf goes into a bar in Stormwind and orders four beers. He starts drinking them, one sip each at a time, and after about a half hour he's finished all four, pays, and leaves.

The next day he returns, doing the same thing. The bartender looks at him funny, but pours the four drinks and serves them. He drinks them the same way, until he finishes all four, pays, and leaves again.

The third day, when the dwarf returns, the barkeep can't take it anymore. "If you drink the beers one at a time, they'll all be cold and won't get flat at the end. Why do you want all four at the same time?"

The dwarf explains: I have a brother in Ironforge, one in Booty Bay, and one who lives on Theramore Isle. We can't get together as much as we want, so at the same time each day we all go to a bar and order a round. We drink 'em all and pretend we're all at a bar together".

The barkeeper nods and serves four beers. Nobody else disturbs the dwarf while he finishes off the four beers.

The next day the dwarf comes into the bar, but only orders three beers. Silence falls. Nobody at the bar can look the poor dwarf in the eye. Finally, the barkeeper walks over to try to console him. "I'm so sorry for your loss. Do you want to talk about it? tell us what happened to your fourth brother".

The dwarf looks confused for a moment, then bursts out laughing.

"It's not what you think! I just quit drinking today!"
One of the blood elf jokes was "I wonder if the expansion will make me look fat"

With the new character models coming, it is now a real concern.
Why do resto druids hate maths ?
- Because they just don't get square roots
Old one: How do you call 100 paladins in lake everstill?
Bubble bath.

How many gnomes do you need to paint a wall?
Depends on how hard you throw them.
What do maloriak and a drug addict have in common?
They are nothing without their pot.

Why do many girls pick druids?
So they can purr like a kitten 3 weeks/month and rage like a bear the 4th.

Arthas and Uther walk into a building, Arthas asks "what is that switch for?"

A gnome, a worgen and a nightelf work at the same bar, they dwarven boss deceides to rewards them gold based on the distance(in cm) between 2 points on their bodies, and asks them to name the points to measure.

Nightelf (raises left hand in the air): left middle finger to right small toe (gets measured and receives 280 gold)
The worgen thinks that is great and mimics the elf, ends up receiving 260 gold pieces.
Both are now smiling @ the gnome, who then says: same for me please, but I lost my right small toe in outland.
Nice pants, baby. What's the drop rate?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Sublime. There could be 25 pages but imo none would beat that.

+2 cookies
Your Mom is so fat she gets hit by chain lightning 3 times
How many blizzard devs does it take for them to light a room?

None, they will just nerf Darkness next patch.

What's Tauren's most famous racial?

They can't pass through doors.
Nice one blue post. :P
You know you have been playing WoW for too long when the Microwave dings and you yell "GRATS!"
Your mom is so fat, that she can't even get pass through the dark portal.

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