Legendary cloak

Is it worth it? Like, is it worth having for the next expansion? Since this is apparently the last patch before the new expansion pack, will the cloak be a good buff for PVE at... Level 95 or 100?

Cause, I don't know if I should spend time trying to get it, as I'm just level 78 atm aswell, I doubt I'll have enough time.
Might be good for a while into the next expansion, but I am uncertain how difficult it would be to attain it at the current time. Fewer people do the early tier raids so getting in there will be difficult, though there is no reason why you shouldn't try.
It is easily the best cloak we have end game atm but the stats are not massively superior to other epics and the proc is very much "meh".

My advice is to pick up the quest and just start it. If you get the cloak before 6.0 is released then good, you got some good achievement points and experienced the main story line of MoP. If you dont get the cloak then you have not really lost anything anyway.
I'd say you've got plenty of time till the next expansion, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get the cloak before it's released. Besides even if you don't fully complete the quest chain there are other rewards along the way. The legendary meta-gem is definitely worth having.
well you can say with some level of certainty that the next expansion is at least 9 months away, probably closer to a year.

they've also implemented a lot of catch up mechanics for the legendary quest line.

Since this is apparently the last patch before the new expansion pack

this might be the last raid content patch but there will be another patch before the expac drops

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