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I have an issue with the Gladiator achievement as follows: I had got the Gladiator title in seasons 1 through 4, a fact which is provable by the mount rewards for those seasons being in my mount collection, as well as by the mounts feats of strength in my profile. Since Wrath of the Lich King, I was forced by my RL and personal gaming preferences to not be as engaged in WoW as I was in TBC, so I never acquired a gladiator title since season 4, even in the seasons of WoW in which I did play the game.

Now, the Gladiator achievement reads exactly this text: "Earn the Gladiator achievement in an arena season." I have contacted a Game Master to be awarded the Gladiator achievement, and was instructed that the Gladiator achievement is only awarded to characters which have qualified for it in seasons 5 through 13. Furthermore, the Game Master has stated that awarding me the Gladiator achievement would also provide me the last season's mount. I do not want to be awarded a Gladiator achievement for last season, it is obvious I didn't deserve that one since none of my characters has qualified for it. However, I would like to have the achievement which is supposed to provide recognition, according to it's own text, to characters which have earned the title in any arena season, a feat which I have accomplished not once, but four times.

I simply cannot see what the difference is between a character which achieved Gladiator in arena season 4 and one which has done it in arena season 5. However, if there is any difference which eludes my understanding, then the very least would be fixing the tooltip of the achievement, since it suggests a different meaning then the one I have been communicated by the Blizzard representative.

Furthermore, I remember being awarded achievements in the past (when the achievements were introduced in the game) for things which I have done prior to the achievement system's introduction, such as "complete quests" achievements for several areas of WoW and others. Since there is obvious and definite proof both in my character's Feats of Strength and in my mount collection, I believe there is no reason for which my past earnings of the Gladiator title should not get the same recognition that other players get for earning them in other seasons.

Thank you.
The achievement system was only introduced after Season 4 had ended and thus only gladiator ranks gained after that were considered for the achievement.

The achievement is not retroactive, similar to many other achievements (some were made retroactive on introduction based on a completed quest or an item in your inventory, but this was a developer's goodwill choice).

You can not petition a game master to grant you an achievement like that, as it would be unfair to everybody else who did not think of ticketing in. If the devs were to change the way the achievement is handled, they'd be giving out a FoS for every eligible player, not on an individual basis.

If you believe that either the wording should be changed or the achievement should be retroactively granted to everybody who obtained Gladiator at some point in their WOW career, there's a suggestion option in game.
Hey Anabelle,
As Trouble has said if you feel the achievement should be changed then you can suggest this in-game, if you are unhappy with how your ticket was handled then you can email but I'm afraid this is not something we can assist with on the forums.

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