Really want to get to max level fast.

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I've returned to wow after being gone since vanilla. I was the ultimate noob then (still kind of am) I've got a toon to level 55 in around 1day 8 hours. i really want to get to max level as quickly as possible, i just really want to try raiding and good pvp. Anyone have any estimates on how long its roughly going to take me if i keep leveling at the same rate?

This is my highest char due to me being a complete noob when i previously played, so i dont have heirlooms etc. to help. any suggestions, or is questing still the fastest/best way?
Warlock. Level in destro because you got good execute and strong AoEs. Ember building is easy when u pull 3+ so you can self heal.

You're leveling without looms so it will take around 1 and a half to - 2 days to reach 85 and then around 1 day to reach 90(looms lose the effect at MoP so I can compare :D) so it's around 3 days if you keep it up :)
Well, i just dinged 77 after 2 days and 14 hours.
Just like you, my goal is to reach 90 rather fast because the lowlevel are just isn't balanced.

1-60 was fun! The new "old" content, just great. I loved so many funny questlines, i even stayed in areas i outleveld just to complete the major questline ( badlands anyone?! :D )

60-70 was okish i must say. Try to squeeze as many dungeons in while questing as possible. The quests arent that great, well, they are tbc. Rather boring. I mainly leveld in hellfire and zangar from 60-65 and then 65-68 in nagrand.

go with 68 to northrend, you get higher exp and better gear.

Just try to stick through it. If you are like me ( played classic and tbc beginning ) then you will be rather bored of the usual quests which you will find quite often in outland and northrend.
Queue for dungeons as much as possible, it really helps get your head clear ;)

Stay Demo. Its great for leveling. Singletarget damage is great, no downtime. Mobs die in 3 seconds. AoE burst is just sick, gather all mobs you can, drop shadowfury, make your fellguard spin and drop 2 hands of guldan. Transform and pop that immolation aura baby! :D

10+ mobs in 3 seconds down. both, your pet and you will survive with 60% ;)

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