Burden of Eternity droprate

Did the droprate get nerfed? I'm not talking about the gamble chests, but only from rares.

Across 2 characters I got like 18 burdens, but suddenly the last 2 weeks I'm getting 0.
I've only ever gotten 1 burden from a monster so I will never know if it gets buffed or nerfed
well... ive only seen 1 or 2 drop on all my chars together... since 5.4
Only saw one drop on all my chars, so i wouldnt know
kill mobs not rares, if a rare is near, then go kill it, but I have seen far more burdens drop from normal mobs than I have seen from rares, turtles on the beach and the fire guys (who give rep) up near the Houlon spawn point all seen to have a good chance to drop a burden.

For me the rares are just dropping coins and junk now, so I don't really bother with them that much, but Evermaw and the Pirate Ship seem to be still worth doing, and don't forget to go get your sparkly chest up in the gated area, (that contains 1 burden) you don't need the epic cloak to get in, just buy some invis potions if you haven't got stealth, and jump on a bird.
in my experience they do seem to have nerfed them, on my main char it took about a week to get all the burdens that I needed but my alt I have only got 2 in 3 weeks and 1 of those was from the 100% drop from the chest in the sanctuary. to add insult to injury I logged on with my main character by mistake and the first thing I killed gave me a burden of eternity.
Nope, not nerfed - I got one from Evermaw last Friday, then straight away another one from the ship.

It's just RNG.
I find it hard to believe it's just rng or luck. I got 1-3 burdens a day 2 weeks ago, now 0 in a whole week.
Wouldn't surprise me if they nerfed it, to make LFR seem more appealing, drop-wise.

It's kind of like shutting the stable door, after the horse has bolted, but still.
I have around 60k coins from killings mobs/ rares and got 0 burdens, that's from patch day 1 (without the one from the chest @ ordos sanctuary)

while my guildie has around same coins but around 8-9 burdens

I think it's just random to be honest. Maybe you just aren't as lucky lately with them.
same thing happened to me tbh, gotten 12 burdens on this char that i used on the timeless island first, farmed around there for about 2 weeks.
Last weeks i've been farming on my mage and haven't gotten a single one except the one i "stole" with using slowfall to the ordos sanc and opening the chest.
i have 7 on this char and none on my 4 alts

totally pointless .. need to be BoA imo
i`m vendoring them i had 18+ on this char alone so no not nerfed its damn rng since rare items refuse to drop and burden drop 24/7 with me......

Everytime my main raider does weekly for the vp i get 1-4 burdens alone so yeah:(
I wish more would drop for me because so far all the burden items I've rolled have rolled with no spirit on :(
Still getting burdens from those chests, but these days I use most of my coins on the more important Magical Pet Biscuit.

And I've seen the island already, not really spending time there anymore. Unless I need more Biscuits...
I did seem to be more lucky the first week then any other time thereafter. Not sure if that's down to a nerf or whether it's just that I've not been as lucky.
I did seem to be more lucky the first week then any other time thereafter. Not sure if that's don't to a nerf or whether it's just that I've not been as lucky.

I have a feeling they nerfed them somewhat overall when they nerfed the droprate from the chests at the crazy monkey..
I was getting them like candy from a baby when I started, but I know other guild members who never get them. Now I need them to gear my o/s none are dropping not even from the gambling chests and I must have blown nearly 40,000 coins in there over the past two weeks. In my opinion its just rng :( don't forget you can farm coins, Archerous drops one for the Shaohan rep quest and the sparkly chest are all guaranteed burdens. Otherwise you're at the mercy of blizz' dreaded RNG :P

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