Tournament Nerf.

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Any ETA on Tournament Nerf?

Sucks having to do everything all over again 659865 times because 1 skill ALWAYS misses.

Thanks in advance.
Read some of the abundant guides, you could snooze through it with the right pets.

Heres a collection of pets for the rotating sets of tamers
Weeks after weeks, tournament becomes easier and easier for many players.

If, in your case, wining it relies too much on RNG, try to figure out better strategy, or have alternative team in case of a fail.

In my case I can lose sometimes lose against a tamer in case of bad RNG but I can go on with another team. Against the celestials, the teams I use work so well that I don't see myself failing because of bad luck. Very often I only use 2 pets.

In my opinion, there is no need for a nerf.

edit : you can also check those guides :
Any ETA on Tournament Nerf?

Sucks having to do everything all over again 659865 times because 1 skill ALWAYS misses.

Thanks in advance.

if that one skill always misses then try with a more reliable ability... the reason they can miss is since they have superior damage whenever they land.

the tournament should never receive a nerf... if anything then perhaps a buff making the boss pet's slightly less predictable than they are now.

you could even level up a backup team in-case some fail...
Plenty if different approaches for each fight. Make sure you have several options in case you mess one up.
Certain Trainers make the tournament incredibly easier for people with fewer pets than most people, i think I have maybe 50 pets which is abysmal in comparison to some.
Wise Mari's fish ALWAYS uses healing rain on the first turn and I believe Lore walker Cho has a pet that ALWAYS uses wild magic on the first turn.
You can exploit this buy leveling an eternal strider, using cleansing rain (which heals the whole team) on the first turn, then forfeit, rinse and repeat. This can allow you to reuse the likes of chrominius and the pandaren water elemental, instead of leveling multiples of one pet, which is never fun.
Also Chi-Chi always uses tranq, yu'la uses that shield and nao uses a charge ability on the first turn, all of which do no damage so you can bring out that pet with healing rain there too if you're struggling on celestials. I've beaten all the celestials using less cheap tactics but after this 7-8th time i've kind of started to get a bit reckless or experimental so tactics like these are incredibly useful. not sure if i'll ever bother with it after i have my 4th pet, which is a real shame.
But back to the main point: the celestial tournament does not REQUIRE a nerf. However, if they were to introduce a new tournament ( one which is on par with or more difficult than this one) in a later patch then i would be alright with the tournament nerf, kind of like nerfing throne of thunder when SoO came out.
I'd never wish it be more easier. Right now it's a /faceroll with proper combos. Maybe the issue here is when we were at the beginning of MoP most of the people haven't really "level"-led more pets that just the necessary ones to beat the trainers for the achievements only ... just saying. Couple of months before 5.4 hit I stopped leveling mine because I got bored :) and I already had ~200 and above without even knowing that there's gonna be something like this, which was a really big advantage for me from time saving perspective. And when the tournament appeared I didn't face too much trouble. I needed only 1 hour to check some videos on the net and I also discovered my own strategies which work amazingly now and I'm not bothered with the tournament at all.

I will post my pets I use against the trainers and the celestials but I really don't have the time to flood with the explanation of the fights. I hope you can figure them out.

1. Crawling Claw
2. Crimson Geode
3. Chrominius
1. Sen'jin Fetish
2. Disgusted Oozeling
3. Magic Lamp
1. Ghostly Skull
2. Pandaren Water Spirit
3. Worg Pup
1. Anubisath Idol
2. Feral Vermling
3. Harbinger of Flame
Taran Zhu
1. Creepy Crate
2. Blighthawk
3. Stitched Pup
1. Perky Pug
2. Peddlefeet
3. Flayer Youngling
Chen Stormstout
1. Clockwork Gnome
2. Zandalari Anklerender
3. Yellow-bellied Bullfrog
Wise Mari
1. Turkey
2. Zandalari Kneebiter
3. Mountain Panda
Blingtron 4000
1. Tiny Red Carp
2. Stunted Direhorn
3. Pebble
Lorewalker Cho
1. Filthling
2. Stitched Pup
3. Clock'em
Dr. Ion Goldbloom
1. Nexus Whelpling
2. Darkmoon Glowfly
3. Lesser Voidcaller
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary
1. Leopard Tree Frog
2. Brilliant Kaliri
3. Garden Moth
Shademaster Kyrin
1. Crimson Lasher
2. Giant Bone Spider
3. Rabid Vermin 5000

Some of the combos I use are from fellow Pet Collectors/Battlers to whom I am greatly thankful for sharing their experiences with us :). Good luck battling.
i hope that blizzard will continue to add tournament's but where some pet's are less predictive than the current pet tournament where they use the exact same rotation each and every time and on any combo.

the tournament was a success and 3 weeks left then i got all the celestial pet's and will only continue stacking up on the pet stuff but i hope that more tournaments will arrive with the next expansion.
Posting pets without posting strategies is a waste of time. Even with the right pets and breeds, ill-timing of abilities can mean an instant lose.
Really only the first week was hard choosing pets for the celestials, after that it was easy to peek at the new masters pets and adjust you team for them each week.
It's getting boring that every time a challenge is introduced people whine because they can't do it it gets nerfed and then its just yet another face roll thing that you do in WoW. Take a step back, think about it and approach it in a different way.

Yes RNG can screw things up now and again but you just have to dust yourself down and do it again. The trick is to make sure RNG has the least effect possible and that you have a back up team if it does go wrong. 2x Water elemental is a must imo (For example)

There are perfectly good guides on here and if you don't have the pets suggested then have a look at other pets with similar abilities, ability order should be fairly obvious if you look at the enemy abilities.

If you still can't do it then maybe it just isn't for you?
Just breezed through the tournament yet again, so easy now.
Celestials themselves are a walk in the park nowadays. Like, Yu'la can be solo'd by bigglesworth or S/S Bonkers. Chi-chi is easily done with a pet that has wild magic + rot and a critter with swarm. Zhao I just use clockwork gnome + kneebiter on (with a backup swarm pet)

And Xu-fu is all about either anticipating the feed with a decoy or just bruteforcing past the first feed with some mechanical pets.
You can easily do them if you follow a guide, there are a few on the warcraftpets forums.
In my opinion, do not use abilities that do massive damage since they always or most likely misses and have some consequences.
the only one bad thing in Celestial Tournament is the RNG... I did it many times and sometimes i kill em all in 1st try but sometimes RNG comes and my teams fail...

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