Resto Druide - SoO -Haste Cap - Equip change

here is my armory link:

now i can get to Haste Cap 13 163 but i lose 1,3k int, 3k spirit.

With spirit it is not important. i dont havea problem with mana.

Then i can change my talents.

Now i have!002100!UfvGmu

Will after haste cap better this talent three? for more powerfull healing?
(no rejuvation glyph, but i have 70 % haste from talent) and now i have one tick for wild growth.!002002!fmLGuv

What is better. or i wait until for more better items from SoO.

Thanks for answer my frends.

I don't advise to you, to reach the 13k haste cap, because you would simple loose too much main and other secondary stat. (not just 1.5k int, 3k spirit but 6.2% mastery as well) You can only reach that cap with hard geming haste everywhere, loose most of your socket bonuses. This is because most of your gear doesn't have haste on it.

On the talents, as i see you are in progress. When you are in progress, don't try to use one talent to all situation, it wont work. They are all good, but can be used effectively on different situations.
LVL60 talents: SotF: use it if you don't need hard healing cd, but need some extra utility, or you have to cast your tranquility really fast (also the best if there is a huge constant dmg for a long time); Incarnation: only if the dmg can be fitted to a 3min window, or if you have mana/movement problems in some parts of the fight; FoN: use if there is a heavy dmg in every minute or so, where you can stack up (like Magera)
LVL90 talents: HotW: if there is a phase where the other healer can heal out the dmg, and you have a 45 sec, when you can nuke the boss, or if you dont need any of the other two talents; DoC: great on fights, where you cant reach the whole room, but the boss is somewhere in the middle (like Immerseus), and the dmg is not too high; Nature's Vigil: i would only advice this, if you wipe because there were not enough healing, idiots standing in aoe doesn't count here.
You don't have enough haste gear to reach the 13k haste break, stick with the mastery build.
If you can reforge to stay near 3k (as in <7k) then do that. 13k is useful if you have a lot of gear with haste on it, but it's not worth it if you have to stretch your gear to its limit to reach.

As for the glyphs, you shouldn't be casting Nourish anyway so Glyph of Rejuvenation is useless. Glyphed Regrowth has roughly the same mana efficiency as Nourish, and if you just want to refresh Harmony or Lifebloom (or both) then casting Swiftmend and/or recasting Lifebloom costs much less mana. Glyph of Wild Growth is a bit debatable (the glyph offers improved mana efficiency and better AoE burst, but does reduce how much healing WG can do over time), but most people use it as it frees up GCDs.

Regarding talents, there's no single right answer for the level 60 and 90 tiers. Soul of the Forest, Incarnation, Force of Nature, Heart of the Wild and Nature's Vigil all have their uses. The only "rules" when it comes to resto PvE talents are to always pick Ysera's Gift and to never pick Dream of Cenarius for anything other than giggles.
If you can stay at 3k haste won't that be preferred over going for 13k haste? With the right gear from SoO and Ordos, it is quite possible to stay at 3k haste even in full 553 gear.
If you can stay at 3k haste won't that be preferred over going for 13k haste? With the right gear from SoO and Ordos, it is quite possible to stay at 3k haste even in full 553 gear.

I don't think so to be honest, from what I've read once you can comfortably reach the 13k haste breakpoint without losing too much mastery/int/spirit it's a hps gain. It has additional benefits in terms of its effects on rppm trinkets etc, and reduced cast times and gcds. If you look at the resto druids in top guilds they're pretty much all going for 13k haste, and I've personally noticed a reasonable hps increase after reaching it. That said my gear is pretty much optimal for reaching 13k haste, almost all my gear has haste on it, I only have 1 item with crit and I have the amplification trinket.

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