guardian druid vs prot warrior vs prot pally

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Hey there old mates have recently returned and i make a rouge for a change as i always used to tank or heal, i found it alot less im looking to change to a tank ideally id like ol roll a guardian druid but i heard they are a bit squishy any advise? Many thanks.jim
Druids and Paladins can heal if your healer dies or something

Warrior has those 2 talents that heal him second wind and that other one

I have tried warr and pala but never a druid tank
Well, I'm pretty noob when it comes to tanking, and I still have to figure out how best to use my standard vs bigger defensive and self-healing abilities in order to get best effect.

That said, I tanked the first three bosses (we didn't quite manage to down norushen, but we spent a lot of time there) on normal with my druid this week - my first current tier normal mode raid as a tank. Same ilvl as the prot warrior (who's been tanking with that character for years). The only times I died first were when I did something really stupid (e.g., there is no need to sit underneath the death ray while tanking the big add. Really, what was I thinking?), and world of logs says I took a moderate amount less total damage than the warrior (I imagine that has to do with savage defense dodging).

That is to say, I can't really speak for what it's like to tank with the other classes, but I didn't feel squishy as a bear, and my limited ability to read the logs backs that up. And I think bear tanking is kind of fun. If you do a search, you can probably find the thread where someone outlined in a nice reasonably concise post the pros and cons of different tanks... not sure if it was new players forum or tank forum. side is why i favor the druid ;)

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