Holy paladin/ Balance druid available for HC SoO

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As previously stated in another of my forum posts, I am looking for a new guild however I have decided that should the correct oppertunity arise and be suitable for the guilds arrangements, I am willing to re roll to a 550 Ilvl Balance druid on which I am up to date with the legendary cloak chain and very capable to play. Armory link of the char:


Contact on this thread regarding interest in either characters and if offers are appealing I will look more into them
Hi there!

<Obscure> are looking for some capable Ranged DPS (so the Balance Druid, naturally!) whom are able to compete with our current DPS squad (gear allowing). If you feel your experience, damage and ability to not stand in fire (WoL Reports, please!) demonstrate a skill which would allow you to slot straight into our squad we'd love to receive an application from you!

A little about us:
We're a 25-man guild on the Alliance side of The Sha'tar, a Medium population server.
We are currently 8/14H in SoO and are very close to killing Malkorok.
We raid only 3 nights a week (Wed/Sun/Mon) for a little over 3 hours per raid (1945-2300), so we need to be as efficient as possible within this time.
We're a fairly international guild with an average age of around 25.

Our main recruitment page can be found here:

If you have any questions or just fancy a chat please feel free to add my Battletag and give me a prod -> Ariyanah#2232

Best of luck in your guild search!
Morning there.I'd be more than happy to get to discuss with you,since i am very sure we could prolly have a deal.My offer is good when it comes to potential and i think that is the most important thing,when you are searching for a solid destination for your future.Add my real idd for a chat,hgethsss@hotmail.com and skype xristakis.giwrgos .Expecting to hear from you soon.
Hi there

Chess Club is looking for an RDPS to join our core team. We run with a small group right now we are 10 looking to get 1-2 more raiders. We are 4/14 HC in SoO.

Raids: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Time 19-23 CET

For more information go to http://chessclub.wowlaunch.com/
Or add my battletag SirDp#2462
We raid Wed-Thur-Sun-Mon 21.45 - to 01.00 Server Time. We have 1/14 HC our progress has been slow due to transferring the guild to new server and leaving our healers behind. We are now trying to build our healer team back up we are a 10man horde guild. We have 1 spot available for a good Balance Druid also.


i wrote in your other post, and we can be interested in balance druid also

6/14 heroic, with some good tries on shamans and nazgrim, should fall next reset.

Not posting usual guild recruitment, add for a chat.
hey there, my guild is currently on the lookout for a strong holy pala, currently 7/14hc with 4 nights raiding, wed, thurs, sun, mon 20.30-23.30.

If interested add me on real.id: neilcleminson@hotmail.co.uk

Frenzy a 10man guild, 6/14hc, are looking for a resto druid with dps offspec or vica versa

We raid wed/thurs/sun, 20:00-23:00

Check out www.frenzyguild.com for more info or add Winkle#1204
Still open to offers!
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8545264653 Check this out if you still looking

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